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Country China
Category Process measuring and control technology
Analysis and laboratory techniques
Hall 9.2
Booth G19
Introduce Dongguan Daxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of instruments, sensors, dosing devices and other series. Its main products include online pH / ORP instrument (transmitter), online residual chlorine instrument (transmitter), online dissolved oxygen instrument (transmitter), online conductivity instrument and transmitter; On line gas detector; Used in large-scale water treatment, environmental protection, petroleum, cement, food, power plant, papermaking and pharmacy;


在线PH控制器 Online pH controller
The PC-9910 series pH/ORP transmitter has rugged IP 65 enclosure and can be wall, panel, pipe mounted for installation in almost any industrial application. The PC-9910RS offers RS-485 interface to support digital communication to your PLC. The transmitters inherit our reliable technology which features in accurate, robust, and easy to use functions.
Polarographic residual chlorine detection
CL-1001 Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer is a new residual chlorine analyzer manufactured by our company; CL-1001 is a high-intelligence on-line monitor, which is composed of the sensor and the secondary instrument.
It can measure residual chlorine, pH and temperature simultaneously. It can be widely used for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine and pH values of a variety of water quality in electric power plants, water plants, hospitals and other industries .

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