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Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduce Shanghai Flow Valve
Shanghai Flow Valve was established in 1998 . The company has a head office in Shanghai
China , and other sales office in Beijing , Guangzhou , Chongqing , and Xi'an . Within the group ,
Shanghai Flow owns two valve manufacturing plants , one factory is in Tianjin city near China
capital city Beijing , another one is in Shanghai . The factory producing ball valves , butterfly
valves , gate valves , check valves , knife gate valves regulation valves , strainers and other valves
These valves is designed in accordance with the Chinese Standard GB , or other standard like
ANSI ,API, AWWA ,MSS-SP, BS , EN , DIN , ISO or JIS . Equiped with CNC machines and maching
center , our 200 people professional working team make reliable quality valves , size range is from
DN15 small size upto DN4000 large ones . The factory and its valve is certified by API , ISO , DNV .
WRAS , TS and other international organizatior . Most of the valve is sold to international market
like Asia , Europe , Middle East , and America . Off course the valve is widely used in many
industrial fields in China


Butterfly valve series
Butterfly valve is a kind of valve which can open, close and adjust the flow medium by using the plate column to turn 90 degrees. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, small driving torque and easy automatic operation. Butterfly valve is mainly used as a shut-off valve, in the flow regulation requirements are not high working conditions, can be a regulating valve. Butterfly valve connection structure is divided into concentric butterfly valve (middle line butterfly valve) and eccentric butterfly valve. Concentric butterfly valve has one - piece butterfly valve and two - piece butterfly valve. Eccentric structure butterfly valve, a double eccentric butterfly valve and three eccentric butterfly valve two structures. Whether the concentric structure butterfly valve or eccentric structure butterfly valve, the common connection modes are clipped connection, flange connection, welding connection, clamp connection. Commonly known as high performance butterfly valve refers to the clamp connection double eccentric butterfly valve.
Sometimes due to the use condition requirements, the butterfly valve stem needs to be extended, or the two ends of the butterfly valve need to install a telescopic joint, or because of the operation needs to use the chain through the sprocket switch valve.
Butterfly valve operation mode is divided into: handle operation gearbox operation, pneumatic operation, electric operation. General small-diameter butterfly valve switch torque is small, electric driver is directly installed on the valve to drive the valve; Large diameter butterfly valve, switch torque is large, in order to save costs, the general use of electric drive installed on the gearbox, driven by the electric drive gearbox control valve.
Check valve series
Check valve is to rely on the flow of the medium itself automatically open, close the disc, to prevent the medium flow back valve.
Check valves are mainly divided into the following categories according to their structure:
A, swing check valve: disc around the valve seat pin rotation check valve. Swing check valve full flow through, small pressure loss.
Two, lift check valve: the disc along the valve body cavity axis vertical movement of the check valve. Lift check valves can only be installed in horizontal pipes
On the way, the disc stroke is small and the spring load action, the valve closes quickly and is more conducive to reducing the water hammer pressure.
Three, butterfly check valve: disc around the valve seat pin rotation check valve. Butterfly check valve simple structure, cost-effective.
Four, slowly closed check valve: disc with buffer device check valve. Gently closed check valves can effectively eliminate water hammer, reduce vibration, protect the pipeline and prevent pump reversal.
Ball valve series
Ball valve is the use of the ball around the axis of the stem rotated 90 degrees to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used for cutting, distribution
And change the direction of the flow of media, designed into the v-shaped opening ball valve also has a good flow regulation function. Ball valve not only simple structure, good sealing,
And in a certain nominal size range of small volume, light weight, less material consumption, small installation size, and small driving torque, easy operation,
Easy to realize fast opening and closing, is one of the fastest developing valve varieties in the past ten years.
The advantages of ball valves are:
1, the fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to the pipe section of the same length.
2, in the larger pressure and temperature range, can achieve complete sealing, working medium in the entrance seal seat can ensure reliable sealing.
3, can realize fast opening and closing, some structure of the opening and closing time is only 0.05/0.1s, to ensure that can be used in the automation system of the test bed.
When the valve is opened and closed quickly, the operation has no impact.
4. When fully open and fully closed, the sealing face of the ball and the seat is isolated from the medium, so the medium through the valve at high speed will not lead to the erosion of the sealing face.
5, symmetrical body, especially the welded body structure, can withstand the stress from the pipeline.
6. The closing part can withstand the high pressure difference when it is closed.
7, the ball valve of the all-welded body can be buried directly underground, so that the valve parts are not eroded, the highest service life can be up to 30 years, it is the most ideal valve for oil and natural gas pipelines.
Gate valve series
Gate valve is an opening and closing piece gate, the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed,
In the pipeline is mainly used as a cutting medium, can not be used as a flow regulation, it can be used in low temperature and low pressure can also be applied to high temperature and high pressure,
And according to the different material of the valve, for a variety of different media
Gate valve advantages:
1, the fluid resistance is small.
2. The external force required for opening and closing is small.
3, the flow of media is not restricted.
4. When fully opened, the sealing face is less eroded by the working medium than the globe valve.
5. The shape is simple and the casting process is good.
Globe valve series
Globe valve, also known as cut-off valve, belongs to the forced sealing valve, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the seal
The surface does not leak. When the medium enters the valve from below the disc, the resistance that the operating force needs to overcome is the friction of the stem and packing and the medium
The force to close the valve is larger than the force to open the valve, so the diameter of the stem is larger, otherwise the failure of the stem top bend will occur.
According to the connection mode, it is divided into three kinds: flange connection, wire connection and welding connection. Since the emergence of the self-sealing valve, the flow direction of the globe valve medium
By the upper part of the valve disc into the valve chamber, then under the action of medium pressure, the force of the valve is small, and the force of the valve is large, the diameter of the stem can be phase
It is mainly used for cutting off, adjusting and throttling working conditions.
Globe valve advantages:
1, double sealing design (bellows + packing) if the bellows fail, the stem packing will also avoid external leakage, and meet the international sealing standards;
2, no fluid loss, reduce energy loss, improve the safety of plant equipment;
3, long service life, reduce maintenance times, reduce operating costs;
4, durable bellows seal design to ensure zero stem leakage, providing no maintenance conditions.
5, bellows sealing globe valve adopts the design of bellows sealing, completely eliminates the aging of the ordinary valve stem packing seal, fast and easy to leak
Disadvantages, not only improve the use of energy efficiency, increase the safety of production equipment, reduce maintenance costs and frequent maintenance,
It also provides a clean and safe working environment.
YLS series electric small flow (concentrated water) proportional valve
YLS series electric small flow (concentrated water) proportional valve is tailored for some special conditions of electric control valve, is made of forged body forging. Spool size can be processed 2.5-15mm, can adapt to a variety of different flow requirements. Equipped with the QP series electric actuator, you can control the operation, to achieve the adjustment of flow, temperature, pressure and other parameters.
HCB series fine small pneumatic film regulating valve
HCB series fine small pneumatic film regulating valve, is our company introduced foreign FISHER series products advanced technology development, in line with the IEC standard of a new generation of actuators, by multi-spring adjustable zero actuator and low flow resistance sleeve, no lower cover single-seat regulating valve composition. The volume ratio is 1/3 smaller, the weight ratio is 1/3 smaller, the circulation capacity is 1/3 larger, the center of gravity is low, the shock resistance is good, and the installation is easy; Performance indicators are better than similar products, compared with the same type of foreign regulating valves have a higher cost performance, widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, power stations, metallurgy and other industrial production automatic control system

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