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Country China
Category Refuse treatment and recycling
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Hall 10.2
Booth B43
Introduce Wiscon Envirotech Inc. is a subsidiary of the Wensui Group, located in Guangzhou, China.
The main products include various types of crushing and shredding equipment, sorting equipment, cleaning equipment, etc. Additionally, we provide comprehensive system solutions, such as recycling of waste plastics, disposal of waste appliances and automobiles, treatment of waste lithium batteries, pre-treatment of refuse-derived fuels (RDF/SDF/SRF), and industrial solid waste resource utilization.


Ensures smooth size reduction of plastic and rubbery proucts in all sizes.The crusher is usually used as secondary shredding due to
its high rotational speed and sharp blades. Featuring robust welded steel construction and stable operation,but during crushing,metal and similar hard foreign objects are not allowed to be disposed of into crushing chamber.4 rotors are tailored for versatile applications and producing uniform regrind,whose size id determined by screen opening.
The resulting regrind can pneumatically conveyed and collected,forming a simple recycle line with no dust and reduced labour cost.
Single Shaft Shredder-M Series
Industrial waste usually refers to the general solid waste resulted from the manufacturing process of machinery and light industry. It generally includes: waste film, scrap leather and textile, and waste paper products. The process of pre-shredding, fine shredding and briquetting turn industrial waste into RDF (refuse derive fuel).
In a RDF process plant, it is a tradition to deploy two twin-shaft shredders for industrial waste. However, the final particles are oversize and not disintegrated. To solve this problem, Wiscon's professional team has developed a heavy-duty single-shaft shredder with high productivity and efficiency. The manageable output size and the high throughput stem from fully shredding of waste stream, resulting in a higher density and better caloric value of RDF.
废旧三元锂电池在报废回收 过程中的静电问题和火灾风险是一个具有挑战性的难题。为了解决这个问题,威斯肯团队专门开发了一种密封型、高效的破碎机,用于处理电池的破碎过程。该破碎机采用了密封处理技术,并添加了气体管道,通过向破碎腔内注入氮气进行冷却,以防止在破碎过程中产生火焰。这种设计有效地降低了火灾的风险,保障了废旧三元锂电池的安全处理。进一步提高了正极片粉末的回收效率。通过使用锤片机对废旧三元锂电池进行处理,可以更好地分离和回收电池上的黑粉。这种技术的引入极大地提升了废旧三元锂电池回收过程中对正极片粉末的回收效果。
Waste HDPE bucket recovery system
IBCs (intermediate bulky containers) are one of discarded waste in the recycling industry, and Wiscon pays particular attention to this bulky and hazardous waste. Firstly, a two-shaft shredder is particularly important in downsizing plastic drums. Next, a high-speed friction washer removes residual dirt, followed by granulation and dewatering. The capacity of ranging from 1000kg to 5000kg per hour capacity, Wiscon team is striving for clean regrinds and the best system optimization. Contact us to learn more about our success stories!

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