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Category Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
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Introduce Lianhua Technology was founded in 1982 and is an innovative environmental protection enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of water quality testing instruments.With strong scientific research strength and years of experience in the field of water quality testing, Lianhua has independently designed and produced a number of product series.It includes: multi-parameter water quality test series, ammonia nitrogen test series, total phosphorus test series, COD rapid test series, BOD test series, total nitrogen test series.


UV-visible Multi-parameter water quality Analyzer LH-3BA
LH-3BA uv-visible intelligent multi-parameter water quality tester is an intelligent full-band analytical instrument developed by our company. This machine can be used as a professional total nitrogen analyzer, a professional water quality multi-parameter instrument, and an uv-visible spectrophotometer. Powerful function, easy operation, accurate measurement, convenient service is the biggest characteristic of this kind of instrument, and high measuring accuracy and reliable measuring result, measure a wide range, all Chinese interface display is the consistent style of our products, can be widely used in industrial, municipal, environmental protection, education scientific research, the CDC in areas such as water quality monitoring in the laboratory.
BOD analyzer LH-BOD602 type
According to the national standard (HJ505-2009) 5, culture method, a simple, safe and reliable method of mercury-free differential pressure sensor (breathing) BOD measurement water, fully simulated biodegradation process of the organic matter in nature, USES the international leading research and development process, design and manufacture of the industry's top functions, intelligent design, all unattended measurement process, record and print the data automatically, thorough farewell mercury poisoning caused by mercury leak, is tailored specifically for water quality analysis laboratory BOD professional analytical instruments.
5B-3B (V11) Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer
5B-3B (V11) multi parameter water quality analyzer adopts multi light path design, with built-in cod, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, suspended solids, turbidity and other more than 50 detection items, and upgraded 5.6 inch color touch screen, which makes the operation easier.
5B-6C (V12) Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer
5B-6C (V12) multi parameter water quality analyzer is designed and manufactured by our company according to the principle of national "rapid digestion spectrophotometry (HJ /T399-2007)". It conforms to the verification regulation of GGJ975-2002 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analyzer and is suitable for the detection of various domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. This instrument is our company's updated product and can meet the various needs of different users.
LH-MUP230 (V11) Multi Parameter Analyzer
LH-MUP230 (V11) portable multi parameter water quality analyzer adopts pre installed reagent tube colorimetric mode. The method is faster and the reagent quantity is smaller. It can accurately determine COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and turbidity. The instrument adopts the multi-path non-interference system newly developed by our company, which integrates multi-path, accurate measurement, compact and portable, concentration direct reading, high degree of intelligence, and is equipped with a variety of professional consumable reagents, especially suitable for field operation.
LH-ISE310 Ion Meter
The instrument is a laboratory multi parameter ion meter developed by our company according to the requirements of environmental monitoring technical specifications, which covers multiple measurement indexes of pH / ISE / MV / ORP / eh / temp. The instrument meets all indexes of grade 0.01 of JJG757-2018 laboratory ion meter, and is widely used in medical treatment, environmental protection, scientific research, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises. It is a necessary conventional analytical instrument for chemical analysis.
LH-OIL336 Infrared Oil Detector
The instrument meets the environmental standard "hj637-2018 water quality determination of petroleum and animal and vegetable oils by infrared spectrophotometry", and its performance indicators are at the leading level. It is applicable to the detection of oil in GB3838-2002 environmental quality standard for surface water, GB 18483-2001 discharge standard for cooking fume and GB 18918-2002 discharge standard for pollutants from urban sewage treatment plants. The instrument can not only measure the oil concentration by infrared spectrophotometry and non dispersive infrared spectrophotometry, but also scan the spectrogram of the sample, which can be used as a near infrared spectrometer. The instrument can meet the requirements of environmental protection department for the determination of total oil, petroleum, animal and vegetable oil content in domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, flue gas and solid. It is an ideal oil measuring instrument at present.
Portable dissolved oxygen meter LH-DO2M(V11)
The PORTABLE LH-DO2M(V11) type dissolved oxygen detector USES fluorescence method to detect the dissolved oxygen. This method is based on fluorescent fired technology and the light-sensitive unit says the quantitative relationship between fluorescence intensity and fluorescence life and the concentration of dissolved oxygen to precisely analyze the dissolved oxygen in water.This product is suitable for tap water/sewage treatment engineering companies, environmental supervision departments, emergency testing departments and their subordinate departments, industrial waste water discharge testing units or scientific research institutions.
Turbidity tester LH-NTU2M (V11)
1) Meet the standard: double beam measurement recommended by the standard "Determination of Turbidity of Water Quality HJ 1075-2019";
2) Wide measuring range: measuring range (0~10, 10~100, 100~1000) NTU can be switched automatically, and the measurement results can be read directly;
3) Intelligent power saving: Power saving function with no operation reminder and automatic shutdown for 10 minutes;
4) With the function of data storage and transmission, it can store 5000 sets of data and connect to the computer to view historical data;
5) Determination method: 90-degree scattering method is adopted to eliminate the interference of chroma;
6) Data printing: It can add data printing function to external printer;
7) Time display: it can display the time of year, month and day;
8) Correction and modification: It has the functions of correction and modification.

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