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Country Hongkong, China
Category Mechanical-physical processes
Membrane processes
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Hall 11.2
Booth A05
Introduce With over 20 years of professional experience in providing technological environmental solutions, Dunwell‘s services include:
● Providing water treatment solutions such as design and installation of industrial wastewater treatment and grey water treatment and reuse system;
● Providing lubricating oil related technologies such as re-refining/recycling of used lubricant oil, blending of lubricant oil products and analysis service as a preventive maintenance measure
● Providing Cleaner Production Assessment and Demonstration projects to help PRD factories to reduce their pollution emissions


VMAT Vibrating Membrane Recycling and Treatment System
In our VMAT System, the feed slurry remains nearly stationary, moving in a leisurely, meandering flow between parallel membrane leaf elements. Shear cleaning action is created by vigorously vibrating the leaf elements in a direction tangent to the faces of the membranes. The shear waves produced by the membrane's vibration cause solids and foulants to be lifted off the membrane surface and remixed with the bulk material flowing through the membrane stack. This high shear processing exposes the membrane pores for maximum throughput that is typically between 3 and 10 times the throughput of conventional cross-flow systems.

More importantly, the shear in a VMAT System is focused at the membrane surface where it is cost effective and most useful in preventing fouling, while the bulk fluid between the membrane disks moves very little. Because VMAT does not depend on feed flow induced shearing forces, the feed slurry can become extremely viscous and still be successfully dewatered. The concentrate is essentially extruded between the vibrating disc elements and exits the machine once it reaches the desired concentration level. Thus, VMAT Systems can be run in a single pass through the system, eliminating the need for costly working tanks, ancillary equipment and associated valving.

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