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Country China
Category Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
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Introduce Xinxiang Zhongtian Xinghuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise. The products take the spiral extrusion separator as the center, supporting the production of various crushing and sorting machines and conveying equipment to form a complete pretreatment production line. It has been successfully applied to the environmental treatment projects of organic solid waste reduction, recycling and harmless. Find value by comparison and choose to create value! The company is willing to join hands with you to create an intelligent ecological environment with an open mind!


Wet garbage preprocessing all-in-one
Wet garbage disposal machine for fruit and vegetable waste, eat hutch garbage after different condition design of automatic sorting, crushing, squeezing the dehydration processing, can be removed most of the water, to achieve reduction, reduction processing, realize the function of the source on the pretreatment, to reduce urban house refuse mixed collection, processing load. Processing capacity 5 ~ 10 t/h, reduction of more than 90% after processing. After crushing, sorting, reduction of organic matter can be resources on the subsequent processing.
Of eat hutch garbage sorting machine
In garbage disposal, garbage sorting machine is to put solid waste in recyclable materials or detrimental to the follow-up treatment and disposal process requirements, is a key link in solid waste treatment engineering and one of the important equipment. The integration of garbage sorting machine is a set of torn bags, crushing, screening, winnowing the sorting processor at an organic whole, can be effectively all kinds of materials in the garbage sorting, achieve to resources into the purpose of garbage classification.
Screw press
ZTZY type screw press is a capable of continuous operation for extruding liquid organic materials, inorganic materials separation of liquid slag crushing equipment, the press machine belongs to the company and three generations of my spiral press, but it is definitely not is screw press a simple modification of the upgrade, but subversion design and change. The screen is not blocked, no requirement of feed concentration , viscosity,hardness particle size and fiber length. Press can stably and smoothly through the continuous operation, low failure rate, running and maintenance costs low, and high juice yield and the dehydration rate is the biggest characteristic, the press performance can more than the market any form of screw press, belt type press and centrifuge. Part of the fruit and vegetable juice yield reached 85%, while the core juice is also a unique function of it: part of the material after dehydration dry degree reached 20%, showing a common press or dewatering machine is difficult to reach the magical effect of, to recycle your waste re-use the extraction of juice or bring considerable economic benefits. The higher the milling efficiency and about a crop can recover the investment cost, has a very high price, so our slogan is "choose to create value".
Of eat hutch garbage, fruit and vegetable waste production line
Eat hutch garbage, kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, such as organic solid waste, and disposal of equipment manufacturing and project the whole package service... .
Company has service in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, Tibet, gansu province, fujian, sichuan, hubei, jiangxi, yunnan, guizhou, hebei, henan, hainan and other places more than hundreds of organic solid waste disposal projects. Has rich practical experience, project operation is stable, has brought the good ecological benefit and economic benefit.
Company is willing with you hand in hand with an open mind in the future, create the intelligence of the ecological environment.

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