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Country China
Category Biological treatment and composting
Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Hall 10.2
Booth B15
Introduce Suzhou JONO Environmental Technology has been committed to providing artificial intelligence sorting and recycling equipment solutions for solid waste since its establishment 15 years ago. Its technology and efficient sorting technology of waste are pioneered in China and are located in the core link of the industrial supply chain. It was included in the third batch of "National Specialized, Special, New, and Small Giants" enterprises supported by the MIIT in July 2021.


AI 可见光分选机广泛应用于各种再生塑料颜色、材质分选等处理系统。具有分选速度快,分选范围广的特点。可同时实现3A瓶、4A瓶、5A瓶、油壶、大白、小白、花乙、花丙、杂塑料、PP餐盒等多种塑料材质的识别分选。凭借嘉诺独有的固废大数据库,能够实现产品应用场景的快速切换。
Moderategale series BS type multi-channel separator
Moderategale series BS type multi-channel separator is used for fine separation of various monomer materials. It can realize accurate identification and fine sorting of various mixed materials such as plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, small household appliances, shoes and plastic products. It could increase productivity, continue to operate and reduce labor cost.

Product advantages:
Modularity: Modular design, small footprint, suitable for sorting requirements of various scales and categories of materials.
Digitalization: The various data can be managed on mobile and PC terminals and downloaded just one-click.
Intelligent: The function of one-click switch operation, OTA upgrade, which adapts to various scenarios.
JONO tracked heavy combi screen
JONO tracked heavy combi screen covers all kinds of complex working conditions of screening requirements, which is widely used in treating concrete, asphalt, construction and demolition waste, natural stone, landfill waste, etc.

Highlights and advantages:
1. Smooth processing (the speed of large collapsible feed hopper and heavy-duty tilting belt feeder can be adjusted to ensure smooth flow of materials into the screen box).
2. Excellent performance (heavy duty double bearing and two layer high performance screen with adjustable amplitude and speed. Hydraulic folding conveyor has good conveying capacity and small transport size).
3. Multi-scene application (two layer screen (bar shape, perforated plate, textile mesh, flexible screen plate) have a variety of combinations, heavy duty screen can easily cope with different application scenarios).
4. Economical and practical (the screen can be equipped with diesel engine fully hydraulic drive or electric version to save fuel cost and running cost).

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