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Country China
Category Chemical-physical processes
Protection, development and maintenance of water bodies
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Hall 11.2
Booth D56
Introduce Wuxi wanchuan environmental equipment technology co., ltd. is a professional environmental protection equipment research and development manufacturing and sales of environmental protection enterprises, mainly sewage treatment equipment,such as integrated combination of air floatation, efficient shallow air floatation, vortex concave air floatation, scraping and suction mud machine, mixer.The company is located in huishan economic development zone, wuxi city, the company adhering to the "seikong production, fine management,sincere service"concept,dedicated to provide services for the community


Shallow air flotation is an advanced and rapid air flotation system. It successfully applied the "shallow theory" and "zero speed" principles on the basis of traditional air flotation theory. The devices are mainly composed of pool, rotary water distribution mechanism, dissolved air release mechanism, frame mechanism, and water collection mechanism. The water inlet, water outlet, and scum discharge outlet are mainly distributed in the pool water body, where water distribution mechanism, water collection mechanism, dissolved air release mechanism and frame mechanism are closely connected, turning around the pool center.
High-efficiency shallow air flotation goes into the mixing reactor in the raw water, coagulant and flocculant are added into the pipe mixing reactor, to form the separable flocculate, and mix it with minimal bubbles (bubble diameter range 5-10um) released by the dissolved air release mechanism. Such minimal bubbles are adhered to the flocs in the sewage, to form the air flotation body with the specific gravity smaller than that of water. Oil spill (or scum) is accumulated on the rising surface of the air flotation body, and is then collected by oil (scum) scraper into the oil (scum) collecting tank.
WF combined air flotation device consists of air flotation pool, dissolved air system, dissolved air-water circuit pipeline, dissolved air water release device, scum scraper and electric control system.
Air flotation is mainly used for solid-liquid separation (and can also reduce COD, BOD, and chroma and so on). Coagulant and flocculant are added into the raw water, and after effective flocculation reaction time, raw water goes into the combined air flotation contact zone. In the contact zone, microbubbles in the dissolved-air water adhere to the flocs in the raw water, to flow into the separation zone, and under the floating force of the bubbles, the flocs rise with the bubbles to the liquid surface, thus forming the floating scum. The floating scum is then scraped by the scum scraper into the sludge zone. The lower clean water flows from the water collecting tube to the clean water pool. Some clean water flows back for the use in the dissolved air system, and some clean water is discharged.
The reflux clean water passes through the jet suction device, and under certain working pressure, air is dissolved into water to a maximal extent, thus becoming the dissolved air water, which is subject to quick relief and pressure reduction by the relief device in the contact zone of the air flotation pool, forming the microbubbles with the diameter of 5-10μm. Such microbubbles can be adhered with the flocs in raw water.

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