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Category Dust removal
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Hall 9.2
Booth C60
Introduce Dongguan Jufu ventilation equipment Co., LTD is a full of vitality, potential and strength of the enterprise, leading the professional team into the forefront of the ventilation equipment industry, after ten years of continuous improvement, innovation, perfection, one of the company's main products, "fan" is widely used in the spray industry, dust collection industry, heat industry, ventilation industry, etc., has been affirmed and favored by many customers and users. And won the honor of top ten supporting suppliers in China painting industry!


Boiler hot air circulation centrifugal fan
The fan mainly used for conveying heat energy. Especially suitable for painting equipment, paint oven, industrial oven and hot air circulation places. Medium pressure, wind blade is divided into backward tilt and S-type, wide blade, streamlined design, not easy to cause blockage, low noise, widely used in painting equipment industry, high temperature furnace industry, ceramic kiln industry, etc.
Dust removal centrifugal fan
This fan is divided into belt drive and direct drive, large air volume, high wind pressure. The wind blade is designed to tilt forward and straight airfoil, its main function is to collect dust, widely used in furniture industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, industrial furnace and so on.
Straight wing movable centrifugal fan
The product is mainly driven by belt. The wind wheel and bearing seat can be removed from the side, which is convenient for cleaning paint/ink. This fan has 16 kinds of fan outlet direction, optional accessories are: silencer, spring shock absorber, flange. Color,motor, belt, wind wheel, fan outlet direction are made according to customer requirements.This is a fan specially designed for UV paint industry. It can also be used for air supply of clean rooms, ventilation and exhaust of major factories, buildings and ventilation industries
Water washing table centrifugal fan
Direct drive, backward tilt and S-type fan blade design, streamline design, not easy to cause blockage, movable motor base, fan blade can be removed from the motor surface, which is very convenient for maintenance and cleaning, with superior performance, large air volume and medium pressure characteristics. It is widely used for air supply in dust-free workshop, UV furnace, textile industry, sizing equipment, coating machine, kiln industry, printing and other industrial places
High pressure induced draft centrifugal fan
High pressure induced draft fan is a high-efficiency fan specially
designed by our company for the exhaust gas at the tail of biological particle furnaces.
It is high-pressure, small and compact. Belt type transmission and movable bearing
platform make maintenance extremely convenient. Currently serving forced air
supply and exhaust in biological particle furnaces/coal burning furnaces, ceramic
industry, kiln industry, mining, chemical industry, dust removal and other places;
Favored by a largge number of customers.
Cabinet type centrifugal fan
Multi wing double suction fan>>>>The fan blades are stamped
and formed from galvanized sheet metal, with a forward tilt type and adopt the
principle of side double air intake, with an E-shaped transmission; It has the
characteristics of high air volume and low noise, and can be made into a cabinet type
fan (ordinary/fire/silent) by adding an outer frame. Widely used for ventilation and
exchange in industries such as painting cleanroom air supply, mining air supply, textile, factories, kitchen equipment, buildings and hotels, underground parking lots, air conditioning,etc.

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