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Country China
Category Mechanical-physical processes
Hall 10.2
Booth C78
Introduce Hengrong Industry was established in 2013 with a self built factory area of 20000 square meters. Main business: Design, research and development, production, integration, and on-site installation services for various industrial control cabinets and refrigeration systems. Proficient in the design and production of special products with high protection level, high load-bearing, high temperature, high humidity, and corrosive environments. Focusing on only doing one thing for 10 years, meeting customers' individual needs, and continuously improving quality.


PC luxury computer cabinet
PC computer cabinet
Material: High quality cold plate; Aluminum alloy profiles
Surface treatment: Cabinet phosphating primer treatment, with powder coating on the outside. Color: RAL7035, decorative strip: RAL5018, two types of woven patterns, with the layer board and cabinet body in the same color
Standard configuration: cabinet body, rear door opening, front upper glass door, front lower single door opening, middle keyboard drawer, one layer board, luxury lock (front), and 4 lifting rings
Optional configurations: load-bearing casters, display brackets, laminates, 19 inch columns, longitudinal beams, etc;
Steel thickness: door panel 2.0mm, layer panel 2.0mm, frame 1.5mm;
Protection level: IP54
Product Features
1. The main body of RAL7035 is paired with the decorative strip of RAL5018 to showcase the high-end quality of the cabinet body
2. The monitoring area is equipped with non reflective safety glass to ensure safety and reliability
3. The framework of the 50 fold profile ensures flexible and convenient internal installation
4. Lockable foldable keyboard drawer
5. The front and lower cabinet doors are equipped with luxury rocker locks, and the maintenance doors are equipped with standard flat locks, which are reasonable and reflect the humanization of the cabinet design
6. The highly user-friendly keyboard and mouse system showcases the quality of the cabinet body
7. The layer board can be adjusted up and down
Imitation Rittal control cabinet
The structure and characteristics of the imitation Rittal control cabinet:
1. The imitation Rittal control cabinet can be divided into three major series in terms of structure, namely ES cabinet (50 fold profile cabinet), PS cabinet (90 fold profile cabinet), and TS cabinet (16 fold profile cabinet). The primary feature of this type of control cabinet is the use of profile construction. The cabinet structure is welded first, and then the top plate, bottom plate, side plate, door panel, and device board are fixed to the structure with screws. This advantage is the modular structure of the product, which is convenient to use.
2. The structure of the imitation Rittal control cabinet can be designed physically and chemically according to the electrical and mechanical properties of the equipment and the requirements of the operating environment, to ensure that the structure of the control cabinet has good stiffness and strength, as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation performance. In addition, the control cabinet should have performance such as vibration resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention, waterproofing, and radiation protection to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
3. Convenient to use, the planning of internal longitudinal beams, columns, crossbeams, running lines, and their own molded holes makes user assembly appear effortless and convenient.
4. Solid and durable, safe and reliable, the control cabinet is structurally stable, and a single cabinet can withstand a weight of up to 2000KG without fear of installing any bulky equipment.
5. It should have good usability and safety protection facilities, which are easy to operate, install, and maintain, and can ensure the safety of operators.
6. It should be convenient for production, assembly, debugging, and packaging transportation.
7. It should meet the requirements of standardization, normalization, and serialization. The imitation Weitu control cabinet seeks the concept of perfection in both the application and appearance of industrial products, and the planning of sheet metal structure and the allocation and application of accessories are also very reasonable and scientific, forming a standardized supporting plan.
8. There are imitation Rittal control cabinets on the market that can be used separately or connected in parallel. Multiple control cabinets are connected together, and a cabinet patch panel is added in the middle of the installation board. They are uniformly installed on the cabinet frame according to the specified position, forming a complete installation plane, which is conducive to the convenient installation of various electrical components and can maximize the installation space of the control cabinet body.
Cabinet air conditioning
Characteristics of cabinet air conditioning:
1. Ultra thin, aesthetically designed, compact, small in size, easy to maintain, stable in performance, long in service life, and wide in application range;
2. Adopting environmentally friendly and high-temperature resistant refrigerant R134a, it is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and efficient, and can work even in workshop environments with temperatures up to 60 ℃.
3. The use of high-performance, industrial grade centrifugal fans completely eliminates short circuits in the cabinet air and provides maximum heat dissipation. The fan comes with special high temperature protection and current overload protection.
4. The entire machine is controlled by a microcomputer temperature controller, which digitally displays the temperature inside the cabinet and is equipped with a main circuit switch. Opening the electrical cabinet door facilitates user use and maintenance;
5. At the same time, the cabinet air conditioner also adopts a dual safety condensate collection device, which ensures 100% that the condensate from the air conditioner will not enter the interior of the electrical cabinet;
6. The top mounted cabinet air conditioner adopts a unique corner code installation, greatly facilitating the installation of users. At the same time, because the installation screws are not at the bottom of the air conditioner but on the side, it completely eliminates the problem of condensation water seeping into the cabinet from the installation screw port;
7. The variety of cabinet air conditioners is complete, and the cooling capacity of standard products ranges from 300W to 6000W. Special designs can also be made according to user requirements.
Cantilever operation box
The CP210/CP140 series cantilever control box is made by splicing high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and aluminum die-casting corner components. Clean exterior design, stable structure. Aluminum profiles with anodized surfaces are easier to wipe and always keep the box shiny as new.
The control box is widely used in the installation of various human-machine interfaces and accessories on CNC machine tools, Assembly line and special equipment, matching with the cantilever or support system
Can meet the requirements of practical operation, and the box size is customized according to needs

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