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Country China
Category Biochemical processes
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Hall 11.2
Booth D02
Introduce Guangdong Weile Complete set of environmental protection equipment Industry Group was established in 2008, and became a large-scale complete set of environmental protection equipment industry group company through financing reorganization and merger. Main products: integrated equipment for continuous treatment of rural sewage, integrated water purification equipment for black and stinky water, grillage series, gate hoist series, cyclone/sand water desander series, filter series, scraper series, decanter series, air float machine series, Roots blower, etc.


Guangdong weiner envivonmental pvotection equipmemt industey group
Guangdong weiner envivonmental pvotection equipmemt industey group
reticular lamina grille
Sheeting grille decontamination machine is a kind of can automatically intercept and remove various shapes of sundry in fluid of water treatment equipment, can be widely used in urban sewage treatment, especially suitable for printing and dyeing wastewater in removing fiber class garbage, and water industry, inlet of power plant, at the same time can also be used as a textile (nap) (nap), printing and dyeing, food processing (granules or pieces of leather), paint (particles), slaughter (hair), paper, leather and other industries in the process of wastewater treatment of the front-end screening equipment, is currently one of the most advanced solid-liquid screening equipment in our country, to fill the domestic blank.
Integrated high efficiency precipitator
By setting up a baffle in the mixing tank, the sewage, under the action of baffle, forms turbulence, reacts fully with flocculant and coagulant aid, and has enough time to form flocculant group; After flocculation and sludge in sewage, part of the sludge is deposited at the bottom of the precipitation area, and the other part of sludge is adsorbed by the spherical filler. After the effect of stirring blade, the sludge on the spherical filler is also waved to the bottom of the precipitation area, and the separation rate of water and sludge is very high. Sludge into the mud pipe through the pipe, through the transport screw will be sludge discharge, operation is very convenient, environmental pollution.
Fiber turntable filter
The sewage flows into the filter by gravity or pressure and passes through the press cloth fixed on the disk-shaped bracket. The solid suspended matter is retained on the outside of the press cloth. After filtration, the water is discharged through the center tube, and the microhole of the press cloth is 5~10 m. The whole process is continuous automatically. The suspended solids partially settle to the bottom of the pool and are discharged irregularly from the bottom of the pool sludge discharge pipe, which is often used in the sewage plant for bidding and capacity expansion, etc.
Integrated micro-nano air float machine
The integrated micro-nano air floating machine is a kind of equipment for removing suspended solids, grease and various gels from various industrial and municipal sewage. This equipment is suitable for floating floc after flocculation precipitation speed is greater than the speed of sewage treatment, is widely used in electroplating, chemical industry, papermaking, oil refining, industrial wastewater treatment, such as tanning wastewater and municipal sewage treatment, equipment main body by the dissolved air pump, gas and water separator, flocculating chamber, air bearing contact room, separation chamber, sump tank, etc. Flocculation chamber is equipped with mixer and separation chamber is equipped with slag scraping mechanism to remove scum.
Integrated MBBR sewage disposal unit
Level A emission standard, using A process: A-O biological contact oxidation +MBBR+ disinfection; Material of integrated sewage treatment equipment: Q235 steel and SUS304 steel
BAF bio-filter
BAF biological aeration filter is also called biological aeration filter, or BAF for short. It is a new type of sewage treatment technology which was first developed by OTV company in France in the late 1980s. BAF biological aerated filter is a new type of high load immersion fixed biofilm three-phase reactor, it focus on the existing wastewater biochemical treatment two kinds of methods: the advantages of activated sludge and biological membrane method respectively, and the biochemical and physical filtration (that is, the biodegradation remove BOD and solid-liquid separation to remove SS) two kinds of process to merge in the same reactor.

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