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Country China
Category Dust removal
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Hall 9.2
Booth D35
Introduce Guangdong Xinfeng Fan Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of industrial and civil fan equipment. The company has a registered capital of 20 million yuan, a factory area of 100 acres, and 300 employees. The product is applied to environmental purification, industrial dust removal, building ventilation and exhaust, fire exhaust, environmental dust reduction, as well as supporting machinery such as food machinery, printing and packaging machinery, coating machinery, kiln equipment, ceramic machinery, new energy machinery, etc.


Centrifugal fan XFBS-1700D
The centrifugal fan XFBS-1700D has top fan performance. The centrifugal fan XFBS-1700D can be matched with an integral bearing, with good bearing lubrication and long service life. When equipped with a water-cooled base, it can work under high temperature for a long time, and can produce non-standard speed to realize non-standard adjustment of parameters.
Use place: Widely used in large and medium-sized factories and civil buildings, large squares, power plants, air handling equipment, hot air circulation equipment. Transport gas: non-flammable, explosive, non-corrosive gas medium.
The centrifugal fan XFBS-1700D won the gold medal of the "2020 Tenth (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition".
Backward centrifugal fan XFB-800C
XFB series backward-inclined centrifugal fan is one of the most successfully designed and most efficient centrifugal fans in China. The conjoined model assembles the fan, transmission unit and motor on the same rigid shelf, thus reducing the difficulty of installation and shortening the site. Commissioning and installation period, etc.
C type machine can be matched with integral bearing, bearing is well lubricated, and the service life is long. It can work in high temperature environment for a long time when it is equipped with a water-cooled seat.
Multi-stage high pressure centrifugal fan XF3NS-19W8
The multi-stage centrifugal fan is a multi-stage, single suction, double support structure, composed of a rotor, a casing, an air inlet, an air outlet, a bearing seat, a sealing group, a muffler, an electric motor, and a control system; the electric motor and the blower are installed on the base, Direct drive between the two through a coupling.
It is mainly used in various smelting boilers, coal washing plants, mine flotation, sewage treatment, chemical gas production and other occasions where air is required to be transported. It can also be used to transport other non-corrosive gases, such as blast furnace air supply, sewage treatment aeration blast , Coke oven gas, shaft furnace sintering air supply, etc.
XFBA-660A-18.5KW-2P 风量:风量:6600M3/h 工况风压:6000Pa
风机参数:风量:110000m³/h;静压:3200Pa;风机转速1390转; XFBS-1250C 出风口角度:左90度

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