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Company Dongguan Weimente Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Booth C72
Introduce Dongguan Weimente Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the famous town of China Machinery Hardware Mould, Dongguan Changan. The company mainly designs, produces, sells, installs, replaces pickling surface treatment equipment, dust removal equipment, air pollution control equipment, supporting paint water tanks, tunnel ovens and other equipment, adhering to the "innovation and glory, pioneering and enterprising, excellence" The spirit, continuous research and innovation, and advance together with our customers, write brilliant.


Turntable shot blasting machine
Rotary blasting machine is a new environmentally friendly surface treatment equipment developed by our company. It is mainly used for removing oxide layer on metal surface, frosting treatment on precision metal surface and surface roughness treatment of plastic parts. The new generation of equipment eliminates the environmental pollution caused by the traditional pickling hardware surface, and replaces the traditional sand blasting machine with the international modern technology, which can produce a more delicate surface effect. The traditional pneumatic blasting machine relies on the configuration of high-power compressors for power, which requires a large amount of electric energy. The new rotary blasting machine not only saves the purchase of a high-power air compressor, but also saves the cost of compressor operation. Therefore, it is an ideal environmental protection and energy saving equipment worthy of preference in various industries.

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