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Company Guangzhou Lixijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Booth D11
Introduce Established in 2016, Guangzhou recreational cloud objects networking technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with independent research and development, design, production and Internet of things. Has an independent factory, independent R&D center; Committed to the development and production of the middle and back end of the smart waste classification chain, it is a powerful manufacturer of smart waste sorting front-end smart recyclers and back-end AI garbage disposal devices, and is also a comprehensive solution provider for smart waste classification + large data interaction.


Fun Cloud Smart Garbage Collection Box
The main functions of the recreational cloud smart garbage recycling box are automatic weight and points. Including two-dimensional code sweep code, IC card recognition, automatic door opening, voice prompt, garbage automatic weighing integration, GPS positioning, overflow detection alarm, image recognition, paper compression, face recognition and other functions. The system adopts the Android industrial control program development, supports the external platform docking operation panel to use the 43-inch LCD touch screen to achieve human-computer interaction, and the system communication method can select 4G and WIF lines. Intelligent classification recycling box is mainly used in communities, streets, schools and other places, through points to return to the measures to promote and cultivate residents 'sense of garbage classification;

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