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Introduce Top Machinery is a professional and famous manufacturer of environmental treatment equipment, filter equipment, wedge wire screen and mineral sieves. our consistent effort, our machinery is supplied to more than 30 countries.Our equipments are mainly used in municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, textile and dyeing,tannery, paper&pulp,food, beverage, mineral and other industries. The machinery includes volute screw sludge dewatering machine, volute screw sludge thickener,horizontal decanter centrifuge,mechanical screen,drum filter,DAF,self-cleaning filter ,auto-dosing device, etc.


Volute Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine
Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine belongs to the screw press, it's clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. TPDL using screw and the moving rings to clean itself as clog-free structure, and controlled by the PLC automatically, it's a new technology that can replace the traditional filter press like belt press and frame press, the screw speed is very low, so it costs low power and low water consumption in contrast to centrifuge, it is a cutting edge sludge dewatering machine.
TPI Inward Water Drum Filter
The TPI type inward water drum filter is one of the preteatment solid scparatiing devices used for samll and medium wastwater treatment plants, and a device which can remove solid suspended matter continously and effectively.I some wastewater treatment,30% to 60% of the orgnic and inorganic solid suspended matters will be removed after filtering and reducing gratly the subsequent workload.
The main features:
1.Simple structure ,high reliability.
2.Compact structure,small covering area.
3.Wedge wire wrapped drum for excellent hydraulic performance.
TPPGS Mechanical Bar Screen
TPPGS series mechanical bar screen(grille cleaner) is a device that can continuously and automatically remove vatious impurities in fluids for solid-liquid separation. It can be widely used as a specifie equipment in municipal sewage tremtment, tap water industry,power plant water inlet, can also be use in textile ,food processing ,paper making ,leather and other industries .It is he most advanced soild -liquid separation equipment in china.
When the rake chain runs to the upper part of the equipment,due to the guiding of the sheave and the curved rail, a relative self-cleaning is generated between each of rakes, and most of the soild falls by gravity.The other part relies on the reverse movement of the clreaner to clean the impurities sticking to the rakes.
The main features :
1,Advantages:high degree of automation,high separation efficiency,low power consumption,no noise ,good corrosion resistance.
2,Work continuously and stably under unattended operation.Overload safety protection device is set.When the equipment fails,and audible and visual alarm will be generated and the machine automatically stop,which can avoid overloading the equipment.
3,It can adjust the machine running interval accodrding to the liquid level difference,before and after the screen;there is manual control function to facilitate maintenance .Users can choose the control type according to different work needs.
4,Low maintenance of the machine,strong self-cleaning and non-blocking capability.

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