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Country China
Booth H17
Introduce Shandong Gelin Kairui is a high-tech enterprise which integrates research and development, production, sales, service and technical consultation of water quality environmental protection instruments. The newly listed multi-parameter water quality analyzer can rapidly determine the COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metals, fluorides, sulfides, volatile phenols and other indicators of domestic water and industrial wastewater.


Multi parameter water quality analyzer
Excellent optical structure and imported solid-state cold light source make the optical performance of GL-900 stable and accurate. Glos water quality and water quality intelligent detection system, data acquisition dozens of times per second, with filtering algorithm to eliminate interference, improve the accuracy of data. The 8-inch IPS touch screen makes the measurement result intuitive and clear. It can detect more than 40 kinds of detection parameters such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and heavy metals. Products built-in water quality analysis, photometric measurement, self-built curves, coefficient curves, sample curves, data automatic printing, batch testing, guiding detection mode of a variety of applications.

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