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Introduce Shenzhen Huanbao Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the treatment of odor gases, wastewater treatment agents and wastewater and exhaust gas treatment equipment. The products are used in spray paint injection plants, plastic recycling plants, seafood breeding plants, rubber plants, landfills, waste transfer stations, public toilets, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, kindergartens, schools, public health places, environmental sanitation, deodorization, etc.. The management of odor and environmental hygiene. The company has obtained a number of invention patents, one of which has filled the gap in the invention patent of China's biological deodorant. After many years of research and development and practice, the company's scientific research and technology team has become a leading company in the industry.
The company's scientific research personnel constantly delve into innovation and exchange and cooperate with international professionals in the same industry. We will use advanced International technology to ensure that products are free from secondary pollution and contribute to the world's ecological and environmental protection.


Paint mist coagulant A agent
It can make pollutants such as paint slag in circulating water disperse rapidly, change from macromolecules to small molecules, fully decompose and intervene, change the viscosity of paint slag in circulating water, and extend the service life of circulating water.
Paint mist condensed agent B
The pollutants in recycled water can be fully condensed and floated, and pollutants in the water can be separated from water to reduce the content of pollutants in the water, extend the service life of recycled water, and save energy and environmental protection.
It can improve the pollutant properties of recycled water, break adhesion, break oil, destroy the chain of pollution factors, make the separation of pollutants from water in the water more complete, and make the pollutants in the water more conducive to the condensation reaction of the subsequent lacquer mist condensed agent AB, in order to reduce the amount of pollutants in the water. content, Saves the amount of paint mist coagulant AB, extends the service life of circulating water.
Plant deodorant deodorant
Plant deodorant is an active ingredient extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits of plants. It is synthesized using advanced technologies. Some plants contain natural deodorant ingredients, and reasonable formulas are rapidly polymerized, replaced, adsorbed, and decomposed with various odor molecules. reaction. Get rid of the smell.
Biological flocculants are mainly composed of pure natural plant extracts, active bacteria, and environmental protection flocculants. Pure natural plant extracts can effectively decompose ammonia nitrogen, COD, phosphorus and other harmful substances in wastewater after reproduction of active bacteria. Bioflocculant is a three-effect environmental protection agent that can reduce odors at the same time and reduce harmful substances such as waste water COD, ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and phosphorus.
High efficiency decolorization flocculant
The high-efficiency decolorization flocculant is a high-molecular compound with a variety of functions such as decolorization, flocculation, degradation of COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total salt, and hydrogen sulfide. Can be used for the decolorization of various wastewater, such as textiles, printing and dyeing, pigments, inks, spray paint, oil spray, rubber, papermaking, chemical, coking, aquaculture, leather and other industrial wastewater decolorization flocculation treatment, excellent results.
Black odor water flocculant
Product characteristics: high activity activation factor, can quickly remove ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, organic matter
Scope of use: river, river, ditch, river, river, Lake tributaries, fish ponds, landscape water, etc.. Function: The black odor water treatment agent is a kind of biological flocculant. After the treatment, the black odor water body becomes clear and clean water, and there is no odor. At the same time, it is implanted in multi-native organisms to repair the water body to enhance the nutrient content of the water body.
PM2 .5 dust coagulants
PM2 .5 dust coagulant, a biological hydrogel nanometer film product, has neutralizing dust charge, moisturizing water lock function and degradation of microorganisms, and no secondary pollution. The product is highly concentrated and diluted by a ratio of 500-1000 times. It is used in conjunction with a fog cannon machine to spray into the air. It quickly neutralizes the dust charge and reduces its condensation, which can effectively reduce the PM2 .5 dust content in the air.
Biological dust inhibitors
Biological dust inhibitors, pollution-free, for biological hydrogel Nanofilm products, with moisturizing and water locking functions and the degradability of microorganisms, no secondary pollution, products are highly concentrated, the proportion of diluted 1000 times.
Biological species
Sewage treatment fungicides series: strong removal, COD, BOD, COD and TSS, ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, etc., significantly improve the sedimentation capacity of solids in the sedimentation tank. Increase the number and diversity of proto-organisms, decompose pollution factors, and reduce the use of flocculants and other chemicals.

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