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Introduce Shandong runtong technology co., LTD. Is a company committed to the environment on-line monitoring system, data collection and transmission system, cloud platform of research and development, production, sales and technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises. The main products include the RAIN-VI series VOCs online monitoring system, water quality online monitoring system,R-I7000 series data acquisition instrument,runtong cloud intelligence platform. In line with the concept of "more attentive and professional", we strive to improve the human environment.


RAIN-VI VOCs on-line monitoring system
application area
RAIN-VI series VOCs online monitoring system is widely applied in petrochemical industry, organic chemical industry, packaging and printing, surface coating, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and so on, according to different needs and different measurement parameters.
Monitoring factor
Total hydrocarbon, methane, non methane total hydrocarbon, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.
High accuracy
High sensitivity detector (FID), precision program temperature control, electronic flow control (EPC), imported diaphragm pump and imported injection valve are used.
high stability
The system has the functions of automatic sampling, continuous operation, control chain and so on. It can fully realize automatic operation unattended.
The system adopts corrosion resistant sampling pump, metal dust removal, stable and reliable performance and small maintenance.
The system uses excellent man-machine interface, and can maintain and diagnose equipment through large size touch screen.
The running state, chromatogram and analysis results of the system are displayed in real time. Automatic storage of data and Atlas for more than 10 years
High Compatibility
The system is compatible with the main manufacturers of the temperature and pressure flow, meteorological and other auxiliary monitoring equipment.
The system is designed by modularization, which can extend a number of monitoring parameters.
Provide the standard RS232, RS485, 4~20mA, Ethernet data output interface, and can be connected with the data acquisition instrument, the enterprise internal system, the environmental protection monitoring platform and so on.

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