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Introduce The company is a production-oriented enterprise integrating design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service. The company covers an area of 7 Mu and has 3500 buildings. It produces 15,000 sets of waste gas and dust equipment. Alibaba Source Factory produces pulsed single bag filter, centralized dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, industrial/kitchen oil fume purification, photo-oxygen catalytic activated carbon equipment, wall-mounted universal flexible dust hood suction arm, dust collector accessories, custom-made high-voltage electric field power supply.


Single Pulse Bag Dust Collector
Dust catcher is a kind of air purification equipment with small volume and high dust removal efficiency. Suitable for various independent dust production points, flexible and convenient, in-situ dust collection, in-situ treatment, can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the air. The basic structure is composed of dust collecting box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cartridge), dust collector and micro-computer controller. Dust is sucked into the inner part of dust collecting box by negative pressure of fan through dust collecting pipeline. Using gravity and upward airflow, coarse dust is firstly filtered by filter and directly reduced to dust collecting device. Particle dust is filtered by filter. On the outside surface, the clean gas is filtered, decomposed and purified through the filter element, and then flows into the clean room, which is discharged by the fan from the outlet. The whole process of dust removal and filtration is the result of comprehensive effects such as gravity, inertia force, collision, electrostatic adsorption and sieve filtration.
Movable PL filter drum centralized dust collector
The mobile filter cartridge dust collector is composed of filter cartridge as filter element or dust collector with pulse injection. The filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into oblique insertion type, side-mounted type, hoisting type and top-mounted type according to the installation mode. According to the material of filter barrel, filter barrel dust collector can be divided into long fiber polyester filter barrel dust collector, composite fiber filter barrel dust collector, anti-static filter barrel dust collector, flame retardant filter barrel dust collector, membrane-covered filter barrel dust collector, nano-filter barrel dust collector, etc.
Universal flexible suction hood suction arm
Universal flexible suction arm has incomparable performance advantages and can adapt to all kinds of complex working conditions which can not install suction pipeline.
Photo-Oxygen Catalytic Activated Carbon Adsorption Unit
Photo-oxygen purifier uses high-energy and high-ozone UV ultraviolet light beam to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, i.e. reactive oxygen, which needs to be combined with oxygen molecules because of the unbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen, thus producing ozone. It is a professional waste gas treatment equipment.

Activated carbon adsorption box for organic waste gas is widely used in spraying, painting, drying and other places where organic waste gas and odor are produced, such as furniture, wood industry, chemical coatings and metal surface treatment. High-quality activated carbon is used as adsorption medium, and organic waste gas is filtered and absorbed through multi-layer adsorption layer, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas.

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