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Introduce Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic Co., Ltd is located in Jiangxi Pingxiang Industrial Ceramic Park, In 2012, we opened the North America Branch Office in Toronto Canada – Kexing Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. due to the high demand from our clients in U.S., Canada, and South America.

Industrial ceramic media includes: RTO Ceramic Honeycomb Heat Recovery Media, RCO Chemical Packing, Catalyst Carrier, Filter Plate Baffle Brick. Our products are widely applied in the industries of environmental, metallurgy, petroleum&chemical, electric power, electrical appliances, machinery, residential, etc.


Ceramic honeycomb catalyst carrier
RCO Ceramic honeycomb catalyst carrier use the properties of honeycomb ceramic: large specific surface area, small airway resistance, neat and strong, and are coated with active rare earth metals, transition metals, precious metals on the surface, after reduction firing to obtain a range of practical performance, are widely used in petrochemical, waste incineration, paint and paint charter waste gas treatment, industrial waste gas and waste water treatment.
Honeycomb ceramic heat exchanger
Heat Storage & Exchange, Catalyst Carrier, Gaseous Emissions Control,

Chemical Packing

Application: RTO & RCO, Metal Casting,Scrubber, Packing Tower

For years, we have been fulfilling the honeycomb ceramic needs of European, American and Chinese customers. These products specifically apply to regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), regenerative catalytic oxidizer (RCO), and metal melting furnace. This includes heat exchange and heat storage of industrial furnaces and the collection and purification of gas and dust. The packing tower and catalyst carrier aids in both absorption and conversion.

We customize all products and materials to individual customer needs and specifications.

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