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Company Hunan Jiuke Environmental Engineering Co,. Ltd
Country China
Booth E15
Introduce Founded in April 2017,nowdays the company decided to "strive to build a platform for environmental sharing, to drive the research , production and sales of self-owned environmental protection products by ecological environment projects, and to form its own core technologies and Products in the field of ecological environment control." so as to promote the company's long-term development, and strive to become a high-quality integrated ecological environment service provider "development strategy layout.


JKHJ-FY-A Single-type Purification Tank
JKHJ-FY-A Single-type Purification Tank adopts biochemical treatment principle, integrates anaerobic, aerobic and related processes, and carries out small-scale centralized treatment of single-household or multi-family domestic sewage, and underground in-situ discharge. Integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment is a small sewage treatment plant. The product has the following performance characteristics: 1. The product has good sewage treatment effect and stable operation; 2. The system only has the fan as the power equipment, and the operation and maintenance are simple in the later stage; 3. The underground installation is adopted, the floor space is small; 4. The construction period is short. It is easy to operate and maintain, and has a high degree of automation. It does not require special personnel to be on duty and has an effective service life of more than 30 years.
JKHJ-A Type Flow Adjustment Box
JKHJ-A Type Flow Adjustment Box is based on the demand of water flow rate of the water outlet. After the water flows into the return chamber from the inlet chamber, the amount of water flowing out of the return hole in the return chamber is controlled by the reflux regulating valve to make the overflow from the return chamber. The amount of water in the chamber meets the demand for water flow from the outlet. The device has good control effect on water flow, convenient adjustment of water volume, can reduce load of subsequent operation, compact and reasonable structure design, convenient installation and simple operation, and can be applied to sewage treatment system, storage pond, sewage storage tank, lifting well, etc. . In addition, the backflow regulating valve of the flow adjusting box adopts the cooperation of the valve plate and the chute, and realizes the control of the amount of water returning to the collecting well through the height of the valve plate, and has the advantages of simple structure and simple operation.
Treatment Technology of Wastewater from Small and Medium-sized Livestock and Poultry Breeding
The treatment technology of livestock and poultry wastewater is a combination of natural treatment and traditional activated sludge method, and Lagoon livestock wastewater treatment process has been developed. It has the following advantages: simple structure, low cost, flexible operation mode, strong controllability, good load resistance to fluctuation of water quality and quantity, and stable effluent effect. Sludge sedimentation performance, little excess sludge production; suitable for small and medium scale aquaculture farms, COD concentration below 8000 medium and high-difficulty wastewater.
Jiuke No. 1 Soil Organizing Agent
Jiuke No. 1 Soil Organizing Agent is a pure natural, pollution-free green environmental protection product, which uses marine organisms as the main raw material and uses modern biotechnology technology to extract a variety of marine biological active substances. This product has nano-porous structure, contains bioactive aminopolysaccharides and characteristic proteins, rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, silicon, molybdenum, boron, barium, strontium and other trace elements, balanced nutrition, more easily absorbed by plants. The product can significantly improve the physical and chemical indexes and aggregate structure of soil, increase the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, regulate soil acidity and alkalinity, increase the stress resistance of crops, promote the development of crop roots, loosen soil and conserve moisture, improve fertilizer utilization efficiency, improve quality, increase yield and have obvious preventive and control effects on crop bitter disease, umbilical rot, root rot, lobular disease, rust, cracked fruit and rotten fruit.

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