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Introduce AVORS Technology is the industry's leading supplier of atmospheric environment optical remote sensing , dedicated to environmental monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation, wind energy management, etc. We provide our customers in these areas with competitive, robust and reliable products, both solutions and services. Since its establishment, AVORS has served customers in more than 20 provinces across the country.An online monitoring platform covering more than 2 million km2 to provide users with online data and services.


PMTracer is a laser remote sensing device that uses laser as a means of detecting atmospheric pollutants. By emitting high-frequency, high-peak energy laser into the atmosphere, it generates scattering and extinction effects with atmospheric aerosols, and by analyzing the scattered signals to obtain spatial distribution information of atmospheric aerosols, realizing remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols. probe.
Flux Cache
At present, the particulate matter lidar monitoring can obtain the characteristics of high-altitude particle concentration distribution. However, due to the lack of high-altitude wind speed and direction data, the particle transport direction and intensity information cannot be obtained, that is, the particulate matter transport flux cannot be obtained. The AVORS Flux Cache can simultaneously detect the particle concentration profile and the wind speed and wind direction profile, and directly output the particle flux result, that is, the mass concentration of the particles passing through a certain height in the space and the transmission direction according to the wind direction. Determine the direction and amount of particulate matter transport and identify the interaction of particulate matter contamination between different regions.
Wind Cache S3000
It is used to measure wind speed and direction information on the vertical height of the atmosphere.The principle is that the laser pulse is emitted into the atmosphere, along which the light is scattered by aerosols, dust and water droplets. The backscattered signal carries the Doppler shift information, which is received by the optical system, and the received echo signal and reference Optical mixing, the detector monitor monitors the optical mixing signal, collects the signal, and then performs a Fourier transform to extract the Doppler shift, so that the optical signal is digitized and processed, resulting in aerosol The Doppler shifts to get the wind speed.
O3-LiDAR is based on the principle of differential absorption technology. The system emits two laser beams with very close wavelengths into the atmosphere. One laser beam has a wavelength at which the gas to be measured is strongly absorbed, and the other beam is at the gas to be measured. In the weak or unabsorbed position, the gas molecules and aerosols have the same extinction coefficient and backscattering effect on the two laser beams, and the concentration of the gas molecules to be tested on the common path can be determined according to the echo signals of the two wavelengths.

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