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Booth C76
Introduce Guangdong Membrane Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in research and development, design, manufacture and installation of membrane equipment and other separation and filtration environmental protection equipment. Production of MBR membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, nanofiltration membranes, desalination membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, DTRO membranes and design, processing, manufacture of various environmental protection membrane filtration equipment.


The MBR film of Guangdong Membrane and Rui Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is lined with PET braided network pipe and firmly compounded with PVDF functional layer. The tensile strength of single filament is greater than 100 MPa and the peeling strength is greater than 1 MPa. The problems of extension deformation, broken filament and fragile peeling of functional layer of hollow filament are thoroughly solved, and the long-term stability of water quality is guaranteed. 。 Permanent hydrophilic modified PVDF material and macroporous membrane structure endow the filament with strong water permeability, higher operating flux, and realize dry transport and storage of the membrane.
ultrafiltration membrane
Ultrafiltration Membrane Products of Guangdong Membrane and Rui Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. are made of PVDF. The models are MR0880, MR0860, MR1060, MR8060, etc.
Reverse osmosis membrane nanofiltration membrane seawater desalination membrane
Guangdong Membrane and Rui Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced core technology of membrane making. Combining with 20 years of production experience, the traditional membrane making materials have been successfully modified, and high quality reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane and desalination membrane have been produced. The company's membrane products are sold to 57 countries in the world. The products have the advantages of stable performance, large water production flux, small attenuation and long service life.
MBR Film Frame Equipment
The MBR membrane material of this curtain is PVDF (using French Acomar Kynar@MG15, PVDF resin). (lined polyester pipe), 316SS pipe support on both sides, Vientiane wheel joint, small cylindrical lining grease fixed up and down. The quality of products is comparable to that of the first-line American brands and can be seamlessly docked.
Ultrafiltration equipment
The products of Guangdong Membrane and Rui Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. are MR1060 large-scale ultrafiltration equipment and 4000T/D large-scale oilfield water injection equipment.

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