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Introduce Foshan Jinhao Wang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the economically prosperous Pearl River Delta, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company focuses on waste gas treatment, research and development of sewage treatment equipment and production. It is a comprehensive service environmental protection enterprise that integrates design, production, sales and service.


High-voltage electrostatic dust removal
High-voltage electrostatic dust removal is a new type of high-end high-efficiency environmental protection product that is completely purified for smelting furnace black smoke, industrial kiln black smoke, garbage incinerator black smoke, boiler black smoke, generator black smoke, oven black smoke, welding black smoke, industrial heat treatment soot, and large kitchen soot. Black smoke exhaust gas belongs to ultra-fine particulate dust, and general bag-type dust removal equipment can not guarantee continuous normal operation. High-frequency electric dust removal can Ionize and electrostatic adsorption of soot exhaust gas under different conditions of 0.01 μm through high-frequency power supply discharge. The working principle is: After the dust exhaust gas is pretreated by high-efficiency swirling washing to reduce the dust concentration, it first enters the high-pressure ionization area, and the ultra-fine dust is penetrated by high pressure to form positive and negative ions, and then flows through the electrostatic field and is captured by electrostatic adsorption. In order to achieve the immediate purification effect of soot exhaust gas, black smoke purification efficiency up to 99 %! The ingenious design of electric field cleaning is to break through the bottleneck of the industry and overcome the technical defects of insufficient power of conventional soot purifier, easy short-circuit shutdown, and maintenance trouble! High-frequency electric dust removal is different from low-frequency commercial electrostatic smoke purifier. The core technical advantage of this device is the use of high-frequency high-pressure power supply with an output power source frequency of more than 1000 Hz. The diameter of the Honeycomb electric field tube is greater than 130mm, the output voltage is higher than 20KV, and the single power supply current is greater than 45mA. Strong power, excellent results, constant current source output, arc protection, high voltage short circuit protection, power overload protection, temperature protection and other multiple core technologies have unique advantages in the industry! New technology, new design, new advantages, subversion of industry traditions, create a new high-end high-efficiency black smoke waste gas purification equipment! The equipment has applied for national utility model patent protection, National design patent protection!
Pneumatic hybrid exhaust gas purification equipment
Pneumatic mixed exhaust gas purification equipment is derived from the principle of fluid mechanics technology. Through accurate physical technology calculations, the optimal cutting angle of the designed cyclone device obtains the maximum energy centrifugal force. Under the influence of fan traction, the dust gas cuts into the high-pressure centrifugal cyclone. device, Dust gas in the high speed dynamic operation, through the centrifugal force of the cyclone device caused the liquid and dust gas to fully dissolve and adsorb to each other, through circular motion attenuation cyclone energy to achieve the purpose of dust removal. The biggest feature of the system is to deal with the large amount of wind, completely eliminate the hidden dangers of flammability and explosion, and have a strong ability to adapt to dust changes. Since the dust air flow is in a high speed rotation motion toward the circumference, the speed of the rotation changes with the size of the wind. The maximum liquid gas contact area and contact mixing time are increased, so that the wind speed resistance is reduced accordingly to achieve a more ideal dust purification effect, dust removal efficiency up to 99.9 %! Because the surface of the pipe wall is smooth and the dust gas is running dynamically, there are no common problems such as equipment scaling or blocking. The "pneumatic mixed exhaust gas purification equipment" has been verified by our company for more than a decade. It is currently the most ideal and practical environmental protection purification equipment for flammable and explosive polishing and dust removal, spray paint exhaust gas purification pre-treatment, industrial smoke purification pre-treatment, kitchen oil smoke purification pre-treatment, boiler desulphurization and dust removal, and smelting furnace black smoke purification. As long as the product selection and design is reasonable, it can ensure that the standard emissions.
UV photolysed exhaust gas purifier
Jinhao's UV photolytic exhaust gas purifier uses high-energy high-ozone ultraviolet light beams to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, that is, reactive oxygen, which needs to be combined with oxygen molecules because of the positive and negative electron imbalances carried by free oxygen. Ozone. UV+O2-O-+ O *(reactive oxygen) O+O2-O3; (ozone). It is well known that ozone has a strong oxidation effect on organic substances and has an immediate effect on the removal of organic gases and other irritating odors. After the organic gas is imported into the purification equipment using the exhaust air equipment, the organic gas(odor) gas is decomposed and oxidized using high-energy ultraviolet light beam and ozone, and the organic gas material is degraded into low-molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide. And through the exhaust ducts.
Activated carbon adsorber
Jin Haowang active carbon box is mainly used for the treatment of high air volume, low concentration or high concentration of intermittent organic exhaust gas, and can treat and purify many inorganic pollutants; Phenols, ketones, alcohols, alkanes and mixed organic exhaust gases, acidic exhaust gases, alkaline exhaust gases.
Application Industry:
Mechanical electronics, pickling operations, laboratory exhaust, metallurgical smelting, pesticide medicine, rubber plastics, petrochemicals, spray painting, spray painting, textile printing and dyeing, food processing, brewing, furniture production, and various deodorizing and deodorizing exhaust gas purification.
Adsorption principle:
The interaction between molecules is also called "Van der Waals Gravity." Although the molecular motion speed is affected by factors such as temperature and material, it is always in constant motion in the microenvironment because the molecules have mutual attraction forces, when one molecule is captured by the inner hole of activated carbon into the pores of activated carbon. After, Due to the mutual attraction of molecules, more molecules will continue to be attracted until the gap in the activated carbon is filled.
Round Spray Tower
Jinhao Wang circular spray tower equipment is widely used in the process of printing, battery, circuit board, non-ferrous metal smelting, military industry, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textiles(chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing and other smoke, acid, alkaline, odor exhaust gas purification Handle.
Device principle:
Exhaust treatment water spray technology is widely used in spray tower equipment. Its principle is to use gravity and water spray to achieve water-soluble or large particle deposition, and to separate pollutants from clean gas. The utility model has the advantages of simple water resources. After precipitation and filtration at the same time, it can be reused to reduce the waste of water resources. The water injection is very efficient in treating the composition of large particles and is usually used for pre-treatment of exhaust gas treatment. Efficient removal of paint slag and paint mist in spray gas, use of plant liquid washing can reduce the viscosity of paint slag and paint mist, improve the removal efficiency of spray wash tower on paint slag and paint mist. The use of highly activated biological waste gas purification to ensure that the exhaust gas indicator emissions meet the standards, remove the odor in the exhaust gas, and reduce the impact of the exhaust gas on the surrounding environment. Effective removal of benzene, esters, ketones, non-methane total hydrocarbons, acidic gases, VOCs and other organic exhaust gases. Low cost, no security risk.
UV photolyzed activated carbon integrated purification equipment
Jinhao's UV light purification device is a photon that generates different energies through a special ultraviolet light source, and uses a strong absorption of light by odor exhaust materials. Under the bombardment of too much energy carrying electrons, the odor exhaust gas molecules are dissociated and excited. The free pollutant molecules are combined with ozone oxidation to form harmless or less harmful compounds such as CO and H2O. There are a large number of microholes in activated carbon materials that are invisible to the naked eye. The micropores in 1 gram of activated carbon materials can expand their surface area up to 800-1500 square meters. It is these highly developed photolysis that are used in a more thorough and cleaner treatment.
Wide range of applications:
Asphalt flue gas deodorization, waste water, sewage deodorization, waste gas from plastic granulation workshops, waste gas from various food processing industries, tire compactness, exhaust gas from vulcanization workshops, VOCs organic exhaust gas from various spray paint, spray production lines or production workshops, leather, gloves , Waste gas and smelly gas, forging, quenching, cutting and other metal industries such as waste gas from PVC production processes such as wallpaper, artificial leather, plastics, printing and dyeing molding machines, ironing machines, and burners Exhaust gas, polishing, curing, grinding, recycling and other rubber industry exhaust gas from various types of plasticizer processes, smoke fumes, pesticide plants, fertilizer plants, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, waste incineration plants, feed processing, perfumes, spices, etc.. Gas.
Low temperature plasma UV photolysis machine
The high-efficiency low-temperature plasma UV photolysis machine is widely used in seafood and meat processing exhaust gas, food factory exhaust gas, slaughterhouse exhaust gas, livestock farm exhaust gas, and zoo odor; It can also be used in leather factories, shoe factories, furniture, glass and other factories that produce chemical odors; It is more commonly used in feed processing plants, tobacco production and processing, garbage landfills, garbage transfer stations, industrial and urban sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping stations and other places where the odor odor is serious.
Industrial deodorant plasma purifier
High-pressure electrostatic dust removal, as a new type of environmental protection equipment that deals with the root and root of ultra-fine particulate dust pollutants, is a cross-integrated electronic chemistry technology that integrates physics, chemistry, and environmental science. It can make pollutants quickly and efficiently Ionize and decompose. Low energy consumption. Therefore, it is one of the most promising and effective methods for air pollution control at home and abroad. Can be widely used in: waste incineration black smoke purification, smelting furnace black smoke purification, industrial kiln black smoke purification, diesel generator black smoke purification, oven black smoke purification, welding smoke purification, industrial smoke purification, biological odor gas purification, sewage plant waste gas purification, aquaculture industry odor Exhaust gas purification, food processing industry exhaust gas purification, boiler black smoke waste gas purification, large kitchen smoke exhaust gas purification! (Special emphasis: This equipment is not suitable for flammable and explosive gases! Hey! Hey!
Cigarette separator
The oil mist collection efficiency is high, and the dust capture efficiency for fog is as high as 98 %. Easy to maintain, insert installation, low noise, less than 70db. The operation is safe and reliable, the equipment has phase deficiency, superheat protection function, the equipment has no exposed power, and the operation is relatively safe. The application is extensive, and various water-soluble and oily aerosols are used for purification. The filter layer of the equipment adopts stainless steel filter, which can be used for more than 10 years. It can be cleaned repeatedly and does not need to be replaced regularly.
1. Double layer purification, the interlaced arrangement of the first layer and the second layer of steel wire, is equivalent to the rotation of a circle to separate and recover the soot twice. After the two purification and purification rates, the soot has been further improved, and the separation rate has reached 90.7 % or more. For single-layer purification. Centrifugal shield purifier speed 1420 rpm.
2. The central disk adopts a pressure pressure central disk. The tension wire through a pressure line of 1 mm will not appear to be hanging wire, and the welding process is simple.
Pulse filter
The air flow containing sawdust particles is transported through the fan to the guide tank of the bag filter. The flow rate of the air flow decreases under the action of the guide plate, and the heavier sawdust particles fall into the ash tank under the action of gravity. Other lighter fine dust is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag with air flow. After filtration by the bag, clean gas enters the exhaust chamber and sides out. With the continuous filtration conditions, more and more dust will accumulate on the outer surface of the filter bag, which will increase the operating resistance of the system and reduce the dust removal efficiency of the system. After the pulse amplitude and frequency are set, the system will automatically complete the cleaning of the filter bag during the work, which will greatly increase the same filtration efficiency and extend the service life of the filter bag.
Pulse bag dust collector
After the dust gas enters from the upper air inlet of the ash bucket, under the action of the wind shield, the air flow flows upwards and the flow decreases. Some large particles of dust are separated out of the ash bucket due to inertia, and the dust gas enters the filtration and purification of the middle box filter bag. Dust is held back on the outer surface of the filter bag.
With the increasing of dust on the surface of the filter bag, the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the dust collector also rises. When the resistance of the dust collector reaches the set value, the control system issues a dust cleaning instruction and the dust cleaning system begins to work. First, the electromagnetic valve street signal is immediately opened, so that the compressed air in the upper air Chamber of the small diaphragm is discharged. Due to the change of force at both ends of the small diaphragm, the exhaust passage closed by the small diaphragm is opened, and the compressed air in the upper air Chamber of the large diaphragm is discharged from this channel., so that the force at both ends of the large diaphragm changes, The large diaphragm is moved to open the closed outlet, and the compressed air in the air pack is sprayed into the bag through the output tube and the blowpipe to clear the ash. When the control signal stops, the solenoid valve is closed, the small membrane, the large diaphragm, is reset one after another, and the blowout stops. The shaken dust falls into the ash bucket and is discharged from the machine through the ash discharge valve.
Square efficient cyclone tower
Based on the principle of the original circular treatment tower, my company has independently developed a square spiral tower equipment with high purification efficiency, simple operation management, and long service life. The process and product have the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, high purification efficiency and wide range of application. Can effectively remove hydrogen oxide gas(HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas(HF), Chromium acid fog(CrO3), ammonia gas(NH3), sulfuric acid fog(H2SO4), hydrocyanic acid gas(NCN), alkali steam(NaOH) sulphide oxide(H2S), Water-soluble gases such as formaldehyde(HCHO) can filter most of the dust contained in the exhaust gas. Dust containing exhaust gas is introduced into the purification tower by the air duct. After passing through the spinning tower, the wind belt accelerates and drives the packing ball to run quickly. In the washing bucket, the dust exhaust gas is fully mixed with the water mist, and the waste gas in the neutralization reaction(when there is an acid-base supplement in the water) is purified, then the mist layer is dehydrated and removed, and then discharged by the fan into the atmosphere or re-entered other purification equipment(photooxygen catalysis, Low temperature plasma, etc.). The absorbent is sprayed and atomized at the top of the tank after being pressurized by a pump at the bottom of the tower, and finally returned to the bottom of the box for recycling. The purified exhaust gas meets the National emission standard.
Super-Ion Generator
The cryogenic plasma is the fourth state of matter after the solid, liquid, and gaseous States. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is penetrated to produce a mixture of electrons, various ions, atoms, and free quantities. Although the electron temperature during the discharge process is very high, the temperature of heavy particles is very low, and the entire system is in a state of body temperature. Therefore, it is also called low-temperature plasma. Full-temperature plasma degradation pollutants use these high-energy electrons, free radicals, and other active particles and exhaust gases. Contaminant effect, The pollutant molecules are decomposed in a very short period of time and subsequent reactions occur to achieve the purpose of degrading pollutants.

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