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Introduce The company is an innovative enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales. It specializes in national "Thousand Persons Program" experts, with advanced international technology, and has strong technical advantages in environmental monitoring and governance.The main products are VOCs on-line monitoring system, ultra-low emission dust monitoring system, ultra-low concentration flue gas emission continuous monitoring system, gas chromatography, zeolite runner, ultraviolet spectrometer, dust concentration monitoring instrument, nitrogen oxide converter, humidity meter and other instruments.


Ultra-low Smoke and Dust Emission Continuous Detection System
LRCD2000-WV is a highly sensitive continuous smoke and dust concentration monitoring system.It can continuously monitor the concentration of soot (particulate matter) in wet flue gas in harsh environment such as wind, rain, lightning, dust, high and low temperature for a long time.
This instrument uses laser forward scattering method to monitor on-line the fixed pollution source particulate matter system. It is equipped with precise laser driving circuit and laser receiving conversion circuit, which can realize high sensitivity and high precision measurement.
Dust meter uses jet technology to sampled flue gas at equal speed, from sampling probe to detection unit to achieve high temperature tracing in the whole process, without interference from water droplets or water mist, realizes continuous measurement online, with small maintenance. High stability, low maintenance, high precision measurement, suitable for ultra-low emissions.
Continuous Detection System for Ultra-Low Concentration Flue Gas Emission
ZP-H200 is a flue gas on-line monitoring system developed for ultra-low emission requirements, which can accurately monitor low concentration of smoke, dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. It can realize automatic, real-time and accurate monitoring of enterprise exhaust emission and operation status of treatment facilities. It is not only convenient for enterprise environmental protection management to understand and master the overall situation of pollution control and exhaust emission, but also conducive to the monitoring and management of environmental protection subjective departments, providing effective supervision means for achieving energy saving and emission reduction, and total amount control.
Ultra-low emission, i.e. smoke and dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emission concentration are respectively(5mg/m³、35mg/m³、50mg/m³, It is a new benchmark for clean production level of coal-fired and gas-fired enterprises.The system is designed and finalized according to the national standard. It provides professional upper computer operation interface and full-function report forms, input and output of multiple analog quantities and switching quantities. It can realize fieldbus connection through a variety of communication protocols, and the operation of the whole system is convenient and flexible.)
VOCs Online Monitoring System
The system can continuously monitor the real-time content of non-methane hydrocarbons and benzene series in the source gas, so that the pollution emissions can be effectively managed according to the measured data.
Instrument Principle: GC-FIDGas Chromatography-Flame Ionization Detection of Hydrogen, After the sample gas is separated by different separation columns, the organic components to be measured are sent to FID detector in turn, and the carbon cations and electrons are ionized in the hydrogen flame. The micro-current generated by the sample gas is output through the signal amplifier. The corresponding spectrum can be obtained by detecting and recording the current signal.
The instrument consists of gas chromatograph, temperature on-line monitor, humidity on-line monitor, pressure on-line monitor, flow on-line monitor, automatic sampler and data acquisition system. The instrument has stable performance, reliable structure and simple operation. The instrument adopts integrated design and is equipped with 17-inch LCD screen, industrial computer, gas chromatograph, hydrogen generator, air purifier and cabinet ventilator in standardized integrated chassis.
The chromatograph adopts 8-inch touch-controlled Chinese screen display, which has four real-time pressure display functions. It can set various parameters by touch-control. It has functions of power-off protection, over-temperature protection, zero-temperature protection, gas-break protection and electronic automatic ignition.
The instrument is equipped with a dual-channel FID detector for hydrogen flame ionization. The analysis of non-methane total hydrocarbons and benzene homologues can be completed by a single injection using a ten-way valve automatic sampling system.
SP 19 On-line monitoring system for ammonia escape
SP 19 On-line monitoring system for ammonia escape is an honorary product of our company. The system consists of three parts: pretreatment system, gas analyzer and data processing and display. The installation mode is high temperature heat tracing extraction.
The instrument adopts tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy technology. When a laser beam with a specific wavelength is emitted by a semiconductor laser for absorption, the laser beam passes through the measurement. When the measured gas absorbs the laser beam, the laser intensity attenuates. The attenuation of the laser intensity is proportional to the content of the measured gas, and the attenuation of the laser intensity is measured. The information can be analyzed to obtain the measured gas concentration. According to Lambert-Beer's law, the gas concentration can be obtained. In this way, the laser gas analyzer can realize real-time monitoring of gas concentration in sample gas.
The instrument has the advantages of convenient installation, high measurement accuracy, good reliability, fast response and strong anti-interference ability. It is especially suitable for gas emission monitoring and process control in many industrial fields, such as coal-fired power plants, aluminium plants, iron and steel plants, garbage power plants, cement plants and chemical plants.
Portable Gas Chromatography for Methane/Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbons/Benzenes
Portable gas chromatograph for methane/non-methane total hydrocarbons/benzene series is a portable gas chromatograph for monitoring VOCs. Using the design concept of electrical separation and double-layer partition design, the circuit part and the air part are separated perfectly, which avoids the electromagnetic influence of the circuit on the detector and makes the instrument more accurate and reliable. It is suitable for portable monitoring of non-methane total hydrocarbons, CH4, total hydrocarbons, benzene series, VOCS, etc. Fully conform to the standards and the inspection requirements of various local laws and regulations.
Ultraviolet Analyser (Conventional Version/Ultra-Low Emission Version)
Ultraviolet analyzer is a gas analyzer independently developed for on-line environmental monitoring, industrial control and other fields. The analyzer adopts the technology of ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS), which can measure the concentration of SO2, NO, NO2, CO, NH3 and other gases. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, good reliability and fast response. Each index reaches or surpasses the same kind of products at home and abroad. It can be widely used in thermal power plants, garbage incinerators and chlorine. On-line monitoring and process control of alkali plants, industrial boilers and kilns.
ZP-VOC-08 Gas Chromatograph
ZP-VOC-08 gas chromatograph is the core component of VOCS on-line monitoring system. It is a gas analysis instrument developed independently for industrial control field. The chromatograph adopts hydrogen ionization detection technology, which can measure the concentration of non-methane total hydrocarbons and benzene series. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, good reliability and fast response. It can be widely used in on-line monitoring and process control of VOCs concentration of fixed pollution sources in furniture, printing, film, automobile, leather, painting, petroleum and other industries.
This instrument is a new type of gas chromatograph with 8 Inch Touch Chinese screen display and 4 channels real-time pressure display function. This instrument adopts standard 19-inch cabinet to install the cabinet. The front panel is equipped with handle, which is convenient for users to install explosion-proof cabinet. This instrument absorbs advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. It sets various parameters by touch control. It has the functions of power-off protection, over-temperature protection, gas-breaking protection and electronic automatic ignition.
The instrument has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, simple and reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation, and has unique column chamber tracking and heating function. Its basic configuration is hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), pneumatic valve automatic sampling system, which can complete the analysis of non-methane total hydrocarbons and benzene series at a single injection. The analysis period is less than 8 minutes, saving a lot of analysis time.
Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Ultraviolet spectrometer is composed of slit, grating, linear array detector and other components. It is mainly used for identification of compounds, purity inspection, determination of isomers, determination of steric hindrance, determination of hydrogen bond strength and other related quantitative analysis.
The spectrometer has compact shape, stable performance and high reliability. It is suitable for the internal use of portable portable ultraviolet analyzer.
Flue gas humidity meter
There are two ways to install the flue gas humidity meter. One is to install it directly on the flue, the other is to install it in the cabinet of the instrument. The measuring principle is based on resistance-capacitance humidity sensor, which has fast response, high measurement accuracy, less drift, stability and reliability, and fully takes into account the characteristics of high humidity, high dust and high corrosiveness that may exist in the measuring points. It can be widely applied to on-line monitoring of humidity in thermal power plants, waste incinerators and other environments.
LR-N300 Nitrogen Oxide Converter
LR-N300 type NOX converter adopts catalytic principle. The converter is heated by heating rod in the converter furnace, so that the internal temperature of the converter can reach the working condition of catalytic substance between gas and medium in the converter. The sample gas is converted from NOx to NO in the converter.Loading self-developed high-efficiency catalyst, high conversion rate, using heating rod and thermocouple integrated design, compact structure, short preheating time. The use of excellent heat-resistant materials and intelligent power-off protection function ensures the safety of the instrument, good insulation facilities, and reduces the waste of energy.
ContinuousEmission M onitoring System
Flue gas on-line monitoring system, also known as the continuous monitoring system of fixed pollution source emissions, is called the continuous monitoring system of flue gas emissions in China.
This system is only suitable for emission standards and sewage metering. It is used for monitoring gas pollution sources such as power plants, cement plants, glass plants, smelters, garbage incineration, refractory plants and paper mills. It is also used for operation inspection and fault diagnosis of dust removal, desulfurization and boiler combustion conditions.

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