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Country China
Booth G62
Introduce Jiekai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializes in acid & alkali resistant chemical pumps, various chemical solution filters and other adjacent products. We have more than fifteen years experience of production and R&D .Our factory has strong technical force, advanced production equipments and complete testing equipments,and continue research and development of new products.Our products widely used in PCB, electroplating, painting, environmental protection (treatment of waste water & waste gas)and other fields,have been sold all over the world.


The pump made of FRPP material can resist most acid-alkali corrosion.This vertical submerged pump can operate without water and will not be damaged by idling.A dry shaft seal prevents corrosive gas from entering the bearing and causing damage to the motor of the pump.The pump is suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali liquid circulating, which is matched with equipments like Pray Tower,Spraying Machine,Etcher,Continuous Electroplating Equipment and so on .
Self-priming Pump
The pump can operate without water and will not be damaged by idling.What's more,the pump has strong self-suction which is up to 5 meters.Based on fast Connection Design , the pump is easy disassembly and assembly.With strong versatility,the pump can replace other pumps.

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