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Company Guangzhou Pilot Green Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Country China
Booth D59
Introduce Pilot green Is a company focusing on the organic solid waste reduction harmless disposal and recycling use of the company has research and development and manufacturing enterprises of pyrolysis gasification waste can turn the core technology, the technology introduced in 2016 by the British domestic, and connecting with the domestic solid waste recycle and disposal market conditions to improve complete localization and produce a complete set of equipment, can be used to deal with industrial solid waste of medical waste and municipal sludge and other organic waste.


Pyrolytic gasification plant
Pyrolysis gasification unit, namely the pyrolysis gasification technology not only can be used to deal with large-scale living garbage and industrial wastes, miniaturization design can also be conducted to apply to hospital waste production in large enterprises ships such as the airport island scene, can satisfy the demands of all kinds of scenarios personalized treatment, the technology has been widely used in Europe in warship hospital municipal sewage treatment plant waste produce enterprise.
Smoke gas quenching equipment
The smoke quench equipment can rapidly cool the high temperature flue gas to about 200, bypass the temperature range of dioxins synthesis, and inhibit the synthesis of dioxins.
flue gas cleaning system
The flue gas purification system can customize different purification equipment according to waste types and customer requirements, so as to achieve dust removal of nitrogen, sulfur oxide and other acidic gases, adsorption of heavy metal pollution, and standard emission.

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