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Company Qinghuan Tuoda (Suzhou) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Booth G80
Introduce Qinghuan Tuoda (Suzhou) Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader in the field of non-gravity sewage collection and treatment in China. It is an environmental protection science and technology enterprise established by Qinghuan Tuoda Technology Co., Ltd. and RIET. The enterprise integrates scientific and technological research, production, marketing and engineering services. We are committed to providing individualized and integrated non-gravity sewage collection system and integrated sewage treatment solutions for governments, enterprises, towns and rural areas.


Vacuum Sewage Collection System
The power source station in the vacuum sewage collection system provides negative pressure for the whole system. User-end sewage flows into the vacuum collecting well by short-distance gravity pipe. There is a vacuum valve in the well. When the liquid level in the well reaches a predetermined height, the vacuum valve works and the sewage is sucked into the vacuum pipeline at high speed. Vacuum pipelines transport sewage step by step to the central power source station. The sewage eventually enters the sewage treatment unit or is discharged into the municipal pipeline network.

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