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Country China
Booth C68
Introduce Established in 2002, Perth Plastic Company Ltd. is the production base of Silson industrial plastic sheets. Our head company is Silson Enterprise Company Ltd.,


PP sheet
* Smooth Surface and Flatness Characteristics

* Durable rigidity

* Great chemical-resistant

* Weather proof

* Durable at low temperatures

* High impact strength
PP sheet
* Smooth Surface and Flatness Characteristics

* High impact strength

* Excellent chemical-resistant

* Consistent color under sunlight

* Suitable for fabrication of air conducting pipes
PP Profile
* Designed for processing plants

* Save process time and increase efficiency
* Weather Proof

* High chemical-resistant

* Light weight

* Easy, consistent fabrication
PP Rod
* Complete variety in shape, specification, or color
* Good bonding strength

* Eliminate whitening spots in fabrication

* Stable quality

* Easy for processed

* Available for welding for PP sheets of every brands

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