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Introduce QIJIN MAGNET CO.,LTD., a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing high-end magnetic separators and magnets, covering an 4 AC area (15000 M²) with modernized workshop, and we are always focusing on providing technical guidance to develop the best possible magnetic solution fr our customers, thereby ensuring full client satisfaction.
CHNMAG magnetic separators are applied in all sectors of raw materials recovery, beginning in the metal recycling industry, waste industry, refuse processing and mining industry, to select magnetic materials out of material stream or to purify material.


Overband Magnetic Separator
Overband Magnetic Separator designed with strong and stable magnetic strength is used
for separation of tramp iron from belt conveyed material stream. The advanced design and construction make ideal for use in waste recycling, shredding, mining, wood chips and demolition applications.
• Applicable for conveyor width from 500mm to 2000mm.
• Deep reaching magnetic circuit design to penetrate heavy product burdens.
• Stainless steel support frame.
•  Special sealed bearing block ensure the stable working in harsh environment.
• Easy belt deviation adjustment with screw fasten.
• Magnetic force will not decrease more than 5% within 8 years.
Optional Configuration:
•  Electric or Hydraulic Driven Motor
•  Ferrite Or Rare Earth Magnet System
•  Protection Cover for Belt Running
• Stainless Steel Armed Belt
Eddy Current Separator
QJWDL Eddy Current Separator designed to separate valuable non-ferrous metals wherever non-ferrous metals have to be recovered or separated, e.g. where shredder material, municipal waste, WTE bottom ash, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass, batteries or foundry sand are processed.
ECS Features:
•Both eccentric and concentric rotor model available.
•Optimized rotor magnet system to reach high separation result.
•Rotor and belt speed adjustable, easy adjustment to reach better separation.
•Advanced electric control system equipped with touch screen , monitoring system.
•Complete Models selection, active separation width from 500mm to 2000mm.

An eddy current separator is not designed to be a source of magnetic ferrous separation. Ferrous pieces my damage the eddy current system.Magnetic separators are recommended prior to the eddy current separator.
Magnetic Head Pulley
QJMP Magnetic Head Pulley is a reliable solution for the continuous extraction of tramp iron and fine iron contaminants from material on conveyor.

• Ferrite or Rare Earth Magnet System
•  Optional Rubber Lagging Surface
• Customized unit fit into existing conveyor system
• Applicable for various belt speed and widths and depths of material
Stainless Steel Separator
Stainless Steel Separator is installed after primary Magnetic Separation and Eddy Current Separation and is used to remove either weakly magnetic materials from the primary product to produce a clean recycled material.The strength of the magnetic field can reach Max 15000 Gauss , extending the separation capabilities from just removing ferrous and strongly magnetic materials to materials that have a very low magnetic susceptibility.
Magnetic Drum
QJMG Scrap Drum Separator is efficient in handling large volumes of large size material encountered in scrap processing and mineral concentration applications where there is a need to extract ferrous parts from material stream such as scrap Shredding ,slag reclamation ,tramp iron removal ,ore cobbing.
• High side shields of the drum heads
• Permanent or electromagnetic
• Traction plate drum wrap for better cleaning action.

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