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Introduce Beijing Waterland Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional agent of international advanced environmental monitoring equipment and instruments. The company was founded in 2001. Its business scope covers soil sampling, soil environment and ecology, water quality monitoring, groundwater monitoring, polluted site investigation and many other environmental and ecological protection work, together with national environmental protection departments at all levels. Scientific research institutions and universities have established long-term and in-depth cooperation


Multi-parameter water quality monitoring
Fluorescence monitor
Turner Designs was founded by George Turner in 1972. Over the past 40 years, the company has been working to produce reliable and durable on-site, laboratory and online instruments, thousands of fluorescence and Photometers to enable scientists and engineering technicians to conduct on-site and laboratory analysis according to strict standards. Turner Designs is the world's largest fluorescent instrument manufacturer with overseas agents in more than 40 countries and regions. At the end of 1990s, Beijing Waterland Technology Co., Ltd. introduced Turner Designs fluorescence meter into China. With our professional promotion, excellent product performance and good after-sales service, Turner Designsc fluorescence meter plays a more and more important role in chlorophyll a monitoring in domestic water conservancy, environmental protection, Marine Geology and other fields. Fluorescence meter can directly determine chlorophyll and other algal pigments, aromatic hydrocarbons and fluorescent dyes. Specific applications include flow and diffusion studies, oil determination in water, chlorophyll a monitoring in freshwater rivers and marine environments, amine and CDOM measurements, etc.
Groundwater Multi-layer Monitoring System with One Hole
The groundwater multi-level monitoring system is to reduce the number of boreholes, simplify the installation process, save installation costs and increase monitoring reliability by inserting an independent multi-channel monitoring tube into a borehole and stratified monitoring and sampling of groundwater through stratified isolation. Ultimately, groundwater monitoring will change from traditional mixed monitoring to stratified monitoring, from indoor analysis to field monitoring. With 408 or 410 low velocity sampling equipment, 3001 water level monitoring equipment and Manta + water quality monitoring equipment, the price of accurate monitoring of contaminated plumes is more reasonable. It provides detailed vertical and horizontal data. Monitoring areas are set on demand, and single-pipe design makes reliable sealing between regions.

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