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Introduce Jiangsu keson environmental technology co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the integrated solid waste recycling solution.Keson focus in solid waste recycling solution systems of C&D solid waste,large size waste,scrap vehicle tail waste,MSW,stale refsue waste,electronic solid scrap,incineration solid waste,industrial waste and hazardous waste.


C&D waste sorting line
In the process of urbanization, C&D waste as a metabolite of urban new city has always been a burden of urban development, and many cities have faced the dilemma of C&D waste. With the advancement of waste treatment technology, the value of waste resources is gradually reflected. The international resource recovery and recycling industry is booming. The garbage is known as the ‘never-exhausted mineral deposit’, which has bred unlimited business opportunities.
The decoration waste sorting system equipment developed by keson is mainly used for the primary sorting of decoration waste, which is convenient for the sorting treatment of the subsequent construction waste, and the heavy building materials (bricks, concrete blocks, plates, etc.) are sorted out from the decoration garbage. Lightweight materials (plastic film, paper, etc.) and fine-grained sand, achieving the goal of waste reduction, resource utilization, and harmlessness.The sorting line has the advantages of high automation, less employment, less investment, and low operating cost.
ballistic separator
Ballistic separator is excellent sorting device for MSW ,kitchen waste, waster paper recycling industry sieve. It works according to the size, density and shape of different materials. Through the eccentric shaft drive strip plates running. the materials can be screened and shake into the heavy, 3D rolling material (such as wood, plastic bottles, cans) and 2D material light, flat part (film, paper, cardboard) and undersize part (sand, food, residual) to follow-up treatment process.
eddy current separator
Eddy current separator is composed of an annular conveying belt, internal core roller, external magnetic roller etc. The internal core roller built-in magnetic eddy current rotating speed, which creat high frequency eddy current magnetic field changes,it creat eddy current in the non-ferrous metal fragment, the interaction between the magnetic field generated by eddy current in non-ferrous and external magnetic field separate the non-ferrous metal from the original materials.
air separator
Air separation technology which is a kind of traditional separation methods,which have been widely used in all kinds of solid waste treatment and resource recovery in Europe and US developed countries.The main principle is to use the aerodynamic principle to separate the light from the heavy materials.The materials under the combined action of controllable positive pressure airflow and negative pressure airflow, and blow it up or horizontal direction to the chamber,Separated the light material from the air.Light material is exported through the light material discharge conveyor.As to the updraft air cannot support the gravity subsidence of the heavy material on the discharge conveyor, the heavy material is output.
disc screen
Disc screen, as the name suggests, is a sorting device that separates different sizes and shapes through the rolling of the disc, and adjust the clearance of the dish, so as to effectively separate materials with large size difference.
star screen
It is used in fine sorting for undersized materials from ballistics, disc screen and drum separator.
Materials are scattered by rotating star plates, jumping and flipping. Then the inorganic materials which have smaller size than the gap of star plates will be separated out. The machine usually use to separate fine and inert materials like cullet and rubble from MSW and kitchen waste.
drum screen
Drum screen is widely used in sorting of MSW,landfill waste, scrap metal industry etc. It can separate different density and different size material from varoius solid waste.
We can design round of drum screen, internal hexagon according to the different characteristics of solid waste. moreover it has self-cleaning function.

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