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Introduce Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pump Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and marketing of peristaltic pumps, and is committed to providing users with high quality peristaltic pump products. Jieheng's mature product data model and application experience provide you with quick system application guidance and advice. Today, Jieheng peristaltic pump products have been widely used in medical equipment, analytical instruments, chemical and chemical, process industry, bio-pharmaceutical, environmental protection equipment, printing and inkjet, food and beverage, and many other fields.


104KA Quick-load
■104KA is the upgraded model of 104K, a new interpretation of the beauty of industry.
■The pump optimizes iterative process, resulting in higher accuracy and longer operation life.
■The pump is maximum compatible with φ 4.8mm 25# silicone tube, and maximum flow is 279ml / min.
■Multi-color pump cover for easy visual marking and management between the channels.
204K Quick Load
204K is a high-performance OEM peristaltic pump, applicable to home appliances, food machinery,

chemical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, electronic equipment, analytical instruments and

feeding equipment. Compared with normal type, it has low noise, long life and high voltage resistance

MN3 Mini Pump
A simple and smooth mini peristaltic pump

Fashionable and colorful (clear, blue, yellow, brown or red) for easy visual check

Locking cover mechanism to ensure long-term stable operation

The pump body has a wide range of cladding structure to ensure higher reliability of product operation.

Compatible with 16#, 25#, 17# tubes

Adapted to DC motor, DC planetary motor, stepper motor, brushless DC motor or synchronous motors

Come with 4 holes panel, to be fixed easily

Optional 2 or 4 rollers. Longer tube life and larger flow rate in 2 rollers, smaller delivery pulse in 4 rollers.
304K Quick Load
Compact pump with high flow rate;

Tube size:24#、35#;

304K can load with 4 kinds of motor;
Coming with mounting panel;

Mounting size is the same as 203KA;
Patent name:quick load peristaltic pump head;
Patent No:ZL201220249763.6;
Appearance Design Name:quick load peristaltic pump head;

Patent No:ZL201230205148.0
BZ332 Standard Type Peristaltic Pump
■ Single or 2 to 4 multi heads standard type peristaltic pump;

■ Compact and refined;

■ Compatible with tube 16#,25#,17#;

■ Configurated with DC motor, DC planetary motor, stepper motor or brushless DC motor;

■ Pump body has 2-holes mounting panel for easy fixing.

BT-600EL Series
Closed aluminum housing.

Jihpump provides 5-year warranty for customers.

IP grade reaches IP54, the pump is waterproof and dustproof, suitable for terrible working environment.

LED digital display and touching-key control can resist high temperature.

Automatic identification footswitch and automatic filling

Acceptable remote analog signals and digital signals ModBus485
MN4 Quick Load Peristaltic Pump ≤1400ml/min
■Upgrade of 204K product, the mounting panel hole position is consistent with 204K;

■For easy visual management. MN4 are fashionable and colorful--white, blue, amber, brown, purple pump cover are in optional;

■In order to ensure long-term and steady operation, the MN4 Pump cover has anti-reverse locking mechanism;

■The pump body has a wide range of cladding structure to ensure higher reliability of product operation;

■Can fit with 16#, 25#,17# tube;

■Can fir with tube without tube connector/fittings, can also fit with Hard tube fitting, threaded fitting, reducer fitting;

■Can load with normal DC motor, DC planetary motor, stepper motor, brushless motor, synchronous motor and driver;

■Mounting panel is in option.

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