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Introduce Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Fengtai Park of Zhongguancun Science Park and Beijing International Business Incubation Center. Since the early 1990s, we have been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of water quality samplers. We are the first high-tech environmental protection company in China to produce automatic water quality samplers with American technology.


FC-9624YLAB automatic water sampler
The graspe's science and technology development company founded in 1992 the first domestic automatic water sampler, was incorporated in 94, 20 years focus on all kinds of water quality research and development, production and sales of the sampler. Is China's first independently developed a professional manufacturer of automatic water sampler. At present has formed three kinds of ten specifications and series of products. Online monitoring is widely used in environmental protection, water conservancy at colleges and universities in hydrology, city water, scientific research institutes, and various kinds of polluters. Applicable to enterprises drainage channels, sewage treatment plant in and out of the gate, river section, hydrological stations, monitoring station, underground deep well, and lakes, oceans, etc. For a variety of water for 24 hours of continuous automatic sampling. To provide accurate monitoring analysis of representative samples. With pollution sources on-line monitoring meter may constitute a standard sample system.
Grace company do water sampler, 20 years developed following the user requirements and the specific use environment, the mature and perfect series, model is complete. More than imported products qualified for water quality with Chinese characteristics. In 1992 successfully developed China's first automatic water sampler peristaltic pump; By 1998 the first through the national environmental protection bureau designated agency certification testing; A8 in 2006-24 overweight retention samples; To the first 2009 won the national industrial products production license, always lead the development and application of water sampler.
grasp water sampler is always a can satisfy your sample work, special needs can also be special customized.
FC-9624YL (MX closed cycle)
FC-9624YL (MX closed cycle) water quality on-line super-standard sampler is an automatic and sealed super-standard sampler developed by Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd in cooperation with water quality on-line monitoring instrument. It adopts advanced peristaltic pump water intake mode and is controlled by ARM single chip computer. It can be connected with on-line monitoring instrument, data acquisition instrument or remote monitoring platform. When the measured water body sends out the signal of exceeding the standard or the remote platform sends out the sampling instruction, the sampler automatically synchronously stores the water sample in the water bottle, and the water sample is exactly the same as the measured water sample, and it is stored in the constant temperature refrigerator. It is a necessary part of water quality automatic monitoring station.
FC-9624YL automatic water quality sampler
FC-9624YL automatic water quality sampler is an environmental monitoring instrument for on-line automatic sampling of pollution sources launched by Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd. It meets the technical requirements of "Technical Requirements and Monitoring Method of Water Quality Automatic Sampler" (HJ/T372-2007), "Technical Specification for Installation of On-line Monitoring System for Water Pollution Sources" (HJ/T353-2007), and "Technical Specification for Acceptance and Acceptance of On-line Monitoring System for Water Pollution Sources" (HJ/T354-2007). It uses a special peristaltic pump for sewage to collect water with large diameter and large diameter. Fast flow rate can effectively avoid pipeline blockage. Under the control of 32-bit high-performance industrial-level ARM controller. Sampling mode, sampling time interval, sampling amount and storage location can be set arbitrarily according to user's needs. It can be sampled synchronously with automatic on-line monitoring instruments such as on-line COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus nitrogen, heavy metals, etc. It is used to compare the test results with those of on-line monitoring instruments. With the flow sensor, the double work of sewage metering and sampling in proportion to the flow rate can be realized. Excessive sample retention can be achieved on-line with on-line monitoring instruments. It can also realize remote wireless control and randomly issue sampling instructions according to needs. In order to obtain the most authentic and effective water samples. It is one of the necessary instruments to improve work efficiency, reduce labor burden and ensure the accuracy and validity of monitoring data.
BC-2300 Automatic portable water sampler
BC-2300 Automatic portable water sampler is a special environmental monitoring instrument for surface water and sewage sampling, water source monitoring, pollution source investigation and total amount control, which is launched by Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd. It is controlled by a single-chip computer and adopts the international common way of collecting water by peristaltic pump. It can collect isochronal mixed water samples according to user's needs to meet the requirements of sampling in HJ/T91-2002 Technical Specification for Surface Water and Sewage Monitoring issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. BC-2300 works with standard 12V batteries. Environmental monitoring and supervision stations at all levels are one of the necessary instruments for water pollution monitoring and research work carried out by environmental protection research departments.
CG-00 Water Quality Sampler
1. Integrative injection moulding of high strength and high polymer engineering materials, anti-fall, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, colorless and transparent sampling barrel, automatic opening and closing of the lower movable cover of the instrument, realizing the collection of water samples in the required depth, easy to use.
2. All kinds of field sampling, environmental monitoring, water treatment, liquid sampling, environmental water sampling, liquid stratified sampling at different depths. Easy to carry, suitable for places without power supply.
3. Instead of traditional PMMA lead block counterweight, 304 stainless steel counterweight was processed by spaceflight to avoid secondary pollution caused by lead block.
4. The intake piston has a silicone rubber sealing cap, which ensures that the water samples collected are not spilled, that the 2-meter horizontal drop does not crack, and that the 15-meter special sampling line for sewage is corrosion-resistant and friction-resistant.
SCH-213 Portable Water Sampling Pump
1. Electric hand-held sampling pump is developed and manufactured by Grasp Company for emergency monitoring and temporary water sampling. It can be used as stratified water quality sampler and portable water quality sampler. Because peristaltic pump can put pump tube into the bottom of water, it can be used as deep water sampler to stratify water samples.
2. Charging power supply, easy to carry, suitable for places without power supply.
3. Suitable for easy-to-install pump head, easy to operate and clean.
4. Portable driver, speed 0.1-1600 RPM stepless speed regulation, positive and negative reversible
5. It can collect high specific gravity and high viscosity liquids, suspension liquids containing solid particles, stratified sampling, and the deepest suction range can be up to 10 meters.
6. Standardization: Driver, Charger, Battery, Pump Head, 10-meter Hose, Sampling Head, Portable Box.

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