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Introduce The predecessor of Guangdong Lingfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is Guangzhou Lingfeng Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. The company has been rapidly developing and its title has been upgraded to “Guangdong Lingfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.”. It is a member of Guangdong Environmental Protection Association and has passed ISO9001:2005 quality management system certification. It has a number of practical patent certificates and secondary energy efficiency certification for wind turbines.


LF type C anti - corrosion FRP centrifugal fan
LF type C type fiberglass centrifugal fan USES polyester fiberglass material, it has high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance, not aging, low noise characteristics, is an ideal new type of anticorrosive fan, impeller with water-cooled seat oil-cooled seat through the Angle belt and motor drive. Its benefits reduce corrosion of the motor, deceleration, reduce the motor load and other functions, thereby increasing the service life of the fan.
LF type A anti - corrosion FRP centrifugal fan
LF series FRP centrifugal fan is a high efficiency, high performance and low energy consumption environmental protection fan designed and improved by our company on the basis of the original 4-72 type fan. The appearance of this model is more suitable for gas flow performance, and its size can be well matched with the air duct. LF series FRP centrifugal fans are made of vinyl resin based on the design and improvement of metal 4-72 fan performance parameters. This series of fans can transport corrosive gases containing acid, alkali and chemical constituents. The transported gas is not allowed to contain viscous substances, dust and hard particles mg/m3, gas temperature degrees, relative humidity The series of fans have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, not easy to aging, good corrosion resistance, low noise and smooth operation. Is a high - efficiency, high - performance, low - consumption ventilation anti - corrosion fan. The series of fans are widely used in chemical industry, electroplating, oxidation, power plant, laboratory, circuit board, environmental protection equipment and other places containing corrosive gas.

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