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Introduce Dongguan Daxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional instrument manufacturer, integrating development, production and sales. Our main products are: non-contact wood moisture meter; thermometer, thermohygrometer, anemometer, PH/ORP controller, online dissolved oxygen controller, online conductance controller, online residual chlorine controller controller, online laser mud transducer and sensor, etc. Our products are of high quality and low price. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guide us.


On-line PH and ORP controller
Outdoor waterproof design, suitable for disk installation, wall installation, pipe installation, with 2-point automatic correction; manual/automatic temperature compensation function and final correction information, provide contact points of electrode automatic cleaning device, program setting output, widely used in environmental protection water treatment, pure water, circulating water, boiler water and other systems, as well as electronic, electrical, etc. In the fields of plating, printing and dyeing, chemistry, food, pharmacy, etc., it has excelled in environmental monitoring, sewage treatment plant, industrial process monitoring and other applications.
On-line fluorescence dissolved oxygen transmitter
The fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter is composed of optical system, fluorescence sensitive film, optical system and advanced software algorithm. It has less maintenance, high reliability, no oxygen consumption, no flow rate requirement and can be measured in still water.
On-line Industrial PH Electrode
Ring polytetrafluoroethylene dilute liquid junction, double liquid junction reference electrode, effectively prolong the life of the electrode. There is no need to add KCI solution. Low impedance sensitive film, fast response, good thermal stability, good reproducibility. It is not easy to hydrolyze. Linear potential in the range of 0-14PH is easy to use.
On-line residual chlorine transmitter
Gas Detector

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