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Introduce Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of comprehensive sewage treatment equipment. The company always carries out scientific and technological innovation, wins by quality, serves the society and returns to nature, and strives to satisfy customers with the marketing concept of seeking the market with sincerity. We will use advanced technology and modern management means to pursue product perfection; corporate image, unremitting efforts to create a green civilization, you and I work hand in hand to create the future!


Diving mixer
1. Compact structure, small size, light weight, simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation, long service life.

2. The impeller is optimized with high efficiency. The swept blade has self-cleaning function and can prevent the winding and blockage of sundries.

3. Cooperating with the aeration system, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the oxygen content can be significantly increased, and the precipitation can be effectively prevented.

4. The motor winding is F-class insulation, and the protection level is IP68. The first-time lubrication and maintenance-free high-quality bearings are selected, which have the function of oil chamber leakage detection and motor bypass thermal protection, and make the motor work safer and more reliable.

5. Two mechanical seals.

6. Submersible mixer can be used without shroud. The diversion hood can slightly improve efficiency and control the action of water jet.
Diving thruster
The low-speed push-flow mixer series is suitable for aeration tanks of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It produces strong flow with low tangential flow, and can be used to create flow in the stages of circulation and nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal.

Mixed stirring series submersible mixer is suitable for sewage treatment plants and industrial processes, mixing liquid containing suspended substances; mixing and uniformity of sewage, wastewater and sludge water; thickening process; sludge dewatering process; heat transfer optimization; sewage tank cleaning; preventing particles from condensation and precipitation in the wall and bottom of the tank; removing suspended substances; Build water flow, etc.

Operating conditions of QJB submersible mixer:

1. Continuous operation, the medium temperature is not higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

2. The medium PH value is 6-9.

3. Submergence depth 10 m.
Diving aerator
Main uses and scope of application:

Submersible aerator is used in aeration tank, Aeration Sedimentation Tank of sewage treatment plant, and also in small sewage treatment equipment.

Industrial wastewater treatment and fish culture aeration tank.

Conditions of use:

Medium temperature: 40 C

PH Value of Conveyed Medium: 5-9

Start-up interval of no less than 10 minutes every two times

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