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Introduce Founded in 2004, Xuzhou Mineral Resources Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development environmental protection enterprise dedicated to the mixed pumping, storage and treatment of hazardous waste, viscous solid waste and mine backfill materials. The company mainly includes sludge, coal slurry utilization, cement kiln collaborative waste disposal, S-M-P system waste disposal, mine, coal mine filling system, paint slag reduction, kitchen waste, biological livestock fermentation and reuse.


Taper valve plunger pump
Our company's hydraulic double-cylinder cone-valve piston pump is developed and produced by our company on the basis of successful digestion and absorption of similar foreign advanced products. It is mainly used for conveying high-solids mud-like material hydraulic pressure. Piston pump.
It consists of an execution part, a hydraulic power part and a control part, a lubrication part, and a cooling part.
△ equipment technical features:
1) The shape is industrially designed, beautiful and generous, and the parts are highly standardized and easy to repair and replace.
2) The output of the pump can be adjusted infinitely between 20% of the maximum value and the maximum value.
3) The cone valve has a simple structure, low wear and low failure rate.
4) The diameter of the material cylinder is large, which is convenient for inhaling materials with low water content, and the material inhalation efficiency is high.
5) The number of commutation times per minute of the system is controlled within 8 times, and the wear parts of each wearing part are long and have a long service life.
6) The cylinder is chrome-plated and has a thickness of 0.25-0.3 mm. The cylinder seal is made of imported 7-way combination seal, which is sealed to prevent debris from entering the hydraulic system.
7) The piston head is made of high quality polyurethane and has a service life of more than 1 million times.
8) The surface is sandblasted, the level is up to Sa2.5, the external paint for engineering machinery is sprayed 4 times, and the interior is sprayed with ceramic epoxy asphalt paint 4 times, thickness 300um.
9) Set the control box, which can be switched between work, emergency stop and maintenance mode. The material cylinder and piston head can be easily disassembled and replaced quickly.
Single cylinder plunger pump
Device Description:
The single-cylinder plunger pump is used to transport materials with low water content and internal solid debris, such as sludge after plate and frame filtration, paper mill sludge, domestic garbage, and hazardous waste after cutting and crushing. The single-cylinder plunger pump adopts a high-pressure single-cylinder plunger type, which feeds through a double screw and discharges the hydraulic gate valve. The inner wall of the front chamber of the hopper is provided with a composite cleaning device to effectively remove the adhesive on the plunger.
The plunger guide ring is made of wear-resistant material and is automatically lubricated with oil. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure transmitter for pressure indication and protection to prevent system overpressure. If the pump outlet pressure exceeds the set value, the system will alarm and the pump will stop running. The plunger is made of high-strength alloy steel, the surface is chrome-plated with special heat treatment, and the chrome plating thickness is 0.15-0.2. The unique plunger head design can effectively improve the punching performance of the plunger.
The main function of the single-cylinder plunger pump is to feed the feeding screw conveyor into the single-cylinder plunger pump and then pump it into the conveying pipeline to enter the lower-level equipment. It is the core equipment of the system.
Performance characteristics:
1. The thickness of the chrome layer in the hole of the material cylinder is 0.15-0.2mm, which greatly improves the service life.
2, the export pressure is large, can achieve long-distance transportation.
3. The pumping quantity can be adjusted steplessly according to the requirements under the condition of pumping work.
4, the use of open hydraulic system, with small pressure shock, small pressure loss of pipeline, low oil temperature, high efficiency, energy saving, simple system and other excellent features.
5, optimized design so that the piston line speed is always in the best working condition, effectively extending its service life. ‍‍
The mixer is horizontal, hydraulically driven and has a specially designed special blade mounted on its horizontal spindle. The main function of the mixer is to mix two or more materials evenly and to continuously and evenly discharge. The two-axis synchronous relative rotation is used to install the blade-type mixing blade on the shaft, which has multiple functions of crushing, pulping, homogenizing and mixing.
Various nozzles are reserved on the mixer cylinder, through which waste liquid, sludge, etc. can be added to adjust the heat value and viscosity of the materials in the mixer; the mixer is not just a mixing device. It is also a buffer tank. When the upstream crusher or downstream solids pump is shut down, the mixer can continue to work to maintain the state of the mixture in the proper pumping and incineration range.
Uniform slurry bin
JJC series homogenization silo is a coal slurry crushing and pulping equipment independently developed by our company and patented (patent number: ZJ 2004 2 0024044.X). The comprehensive physical characteristics of the slime are fully considered in the development (the slime is easy to be knotted, Low hardness and high viscosity, easy to mix with water, no segregation, etc.), choose a variety of crushing pulping mechanism, repeatedly do comparative tests, and finally optimize the selection of the currently used structure.
△ working principle:
The slime is conveyed to the crushing pulping zone of the homogenization silo by the feeding device. At the same time, an appropriate amount of water is added, and the cutting piece on the stirring shaft divides the large coal slurry during the rotation process, and at the same time, the axial thrust of the divided coal slime is gradually entered into the homogenization zone, and further in the homogenization zone. Homogenization, so that the slime reaches a stable fluid state suitable for the transport of the slime pump, so that the thick slurry pump and the conveying pipeline system are always in an optimal working state, thereby ensuring reliable operation of the system. The homogenized pulp silo has the function of automatically discharging impurities, which can sink high-density impurities such as stone fast and iron into the noisy tank.
Dry sludge silo
According to our experience in other projects, the 30-40% water-containing sludge has poor fluidity and is easy to accumulate under the action of external force. Therefore, for this kind of material, we have selected a number of sets of carriages and multi-screw combined discharge sludge silos developed by our company for this kind of bulk materials. This technology has obtained the national patent authorization (patent number ZL201529676119.0), unique design. The concept makes this type of sludge unloading smooth, and has been stably operated in Jingjiang Wastewater Treatment Plant, Shenzhen Nanshan Wastewater Treatment Plant (200 square meters) and Nanjing Bancangqiao Power Plant Sludge Disposal Center.
Carriage silo
△ device description:
The hydraulic slide unloading storage bin produced by our company has high design strength and is especially suitable for the arching and unloading of all kinds of highly viscous and bulk materials. The carriage has the function of preventing the material from knotting, arching or bridging, and the hydraulic carriage ensures the material storage is smooth.
△ hydraulic slide features:
◆In the vicinity of the storage bin, there is a site control box opened by the storage silo hydraulic station, which is easy to operate;
◆Hydraulic carriage adopts hydraulic pressure as the power source, and the action is stable and reliable;
◆The hydraulic cylinder seal adopts imported seal and has long service life;
◆The slides and slides of the hydraulic carriage are made of wear-resistant materials and have a long service life;
◆The special sealing form is adopted at the carriage and the cylinder to ensure the leakage of any material is prevented;
◆The ultrasonic level gauge is installed on the cover to detect the material level in the warehouse, and the high and low material level alarm is set.
△ Slider silo advantage:
a. The carriage uses precise guidance to effectively reduce the lateral force during operation, thereby extending the service life of the guide rail of the slider. (The life of the carriage can be more than 10 years under normal use)
The cylinder bracket effectively ensures the coaxiality between the cylinder and the guide rod during operation, and does not need to be corrected during the installation process, which can effectively improve the service life of the guide rod seal of the carriage. (The carriage is sealed for a normal service life of more than 5 years)
Pre-press screw conveyor
△ device description
For viscous media that cannot be fed by self-priming, the hydraulic piston pump needs to be equipped with a feed screw with self-cleaning function at the feed end. When the material is added into the fixed machine slot, due to the gravity of the material and the friction between the machine and the groove, the material accumulated in the lower part of the machine slot does not rotate with the spiral body, but only moves forward under the rotation of the rotating spiral blade, as if The non-rotating nut moves along the rotating screw for the purpose of conveying the material.
Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw conveyor has small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, medium multi-point loading and unloading, safe operation and maintenance.
Features: simple structure, small cross-sectional size, good sealing, reliable operation, easy intermediate loading and unloading, the conveying direction can be reversed, or can be transported in opposite directions at the same time.

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