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Country China
Booth G50
Introduce Koze Instrument is a comprehensive company integrating developing, assembling, manufacturing and selling of water quality analysis instruments. The company mainly manufacture and sell instruments analyzing water quality like pH/ORP, conductivity , DO, ion concentration, residual chlorine, turbidity and sludge concentration etc. As a well-known company supplying water quality analysis instruments, Koze products are widely used in industrial fields such as environment protection, semi-conductor, manufacturing process and city water etc. Which involves industrial waste water, waste gas, pollutant source monitoring, municipal sewage, pure water, RO water, city water and reclaimed water reuse etc.


Multi-parameter integration, automatic identification of sensor, multiple parameter combinations, flexible collocation; save installation space,on -the -spot unified the management, lower energy consumption; Data logging and regularly automatic data coverage, USB read and unload in high speed ; display interface in both Chinese and English display,clear and intelligent.
Single channel multi-parameter transmitter, 12 parameters can be selected at will; Automatic identification of sensors, no need calibration for the first time, directly use after installation; Chinese and English operation interface, with process guidance, simple and easy to learn; Digital signal of analog signal, no interference.
Multi- purposes transmitter, can expanded to use various types of sensors; Plug-and-play, automatic identification of electrode parameters, automatic switch of operation interface; Accurate measurement, digital signal instead of analog signal, no interference。

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