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Introduce Ruke is committed to building a high cost-effective water treatment equipment brand: "If its harmony, the world can be fixed" - a symbol of Ruke's determination to protect the environment. The company's main products: new energy: solar energy ecosystem, photovoltaic aerator. QJB submersible mixer, hyperboloid mixer, aerator, mechanical grille, axle-less screw conveyor, sand water separator, scraper and suction machine, decanter, buried sewage treatment equipment and pump products production professional producers


Diving mixer
Product Profile:

The diving mixer has been explored by Ruke for many years. Because of its innovation in form, structure and test method, it makes the diving mixer as a whole.
It is mainly used in the process of sewage treatment plant to promote the mixing of sewage containing suspended solids.
Slurry, industrial process liquids, etc., to create water flow, strengthen stirring function and prevent sludge precipitation, are municipal and industrial sewage treatment process solidification.
Equipment for homogeneous mixing of liquid and gas three-phase media.
QJB submersible mixer can be divided into two series: mixing mixer and low-speed push-flow mixer.
Mixing series mixers are suitable for stirring aeration tank and anaerobic tank in sewage treatment plant and industrial process. They can be used for water circulation, suspended solids and nitrification in tank.
Establishing water flow in nitrogen and phosphorus removal stage;
Low-speed Push-flow Series Mixers are suitable for aeration tanks in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. They produce strong flow with low tangential flow and can be used for circulation and recycling.
Nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal stages create water flow, etc.
Diving aerator
QXB centrifugal diving aerator is used in aeration tank and Aeration Sedimentation Tank of sewage treatment plant. It can aerate and mix the mixed liquid of sewage sludge, and treat sewage biochemically or increase oxygen in aquaculture pond.
QXB centrifugal diving aerator is a direct-connected structure. The rotating impeller generates a centrifugal force in the water, which forms a negative pressure zone around the impeller. The air is absorbed through the intake pipe, and the air and water are mixed in the mixing plate. Then the good and uniform mixture is automatically ejected from the outlet.
This process includes the following aspects: the mixture of air and water in the mixing plate produces gas-liquid mixing effect, and the gas-liquid mixing liquid discharged from the outlet forms circulation and convection; the high-speed movement of oxygen in a large number of air molecules can achieve better oxygen absorption efficiency.

1. Better oxygen dissolution rate, large proportion of micro bubbles, high oxygen filling efficiency and wide oxygen filling area;
2.There is no dead zone in the pool. The horizontal aeration with bubbles can completely wash every corner of the bottom of the pool.
3. The structure is simple, compact, the life of the unit is long, and the bearing can bear heavy load. The rotary shaft seal of oil bath and the air of the impeller chamber are used to prevent the water from contacting with the seals when working. All these ensure the continuous operation of the aerator in 24 hours and long-term trouble-free operation.
4. Save project investment, do not need to provide air source, save blower, easy installation, low noise;
Mechanical grille
Mechanical grille decontaminator is widely used in municipal sewage treatment plants, water plants, pumping stations, power plant intakes, automatic interception and removal of floating matter in water to ensure the normal operation of the next process; it can also be used for solid-liquid separation in textile, printing and dyeing, slaughtering, leather, paper making, sugar making, wine making and food processing.
Compact structure, simple electrical control, easy to realize automation; excellent corrosion resistance, low energy consumption, low noise; continuous decontamination action, clean sewage discharge, high separation efficiency.
The equipment is made of stainless steel shape rake teeth, which are arranged on the rake gear axis in a certain order to form a closed rake gear chain, and its lower part is installed in the water intake canal. When the drive system drives the sprocket to rotate in a uniform direction, the whole rake gear chain moves from top to bottom, and carries solid debris from the liquid, the fluid flows out through the rake clearance, and the whole working state is continuous.
Solid-liquid separator
RKSF vibration solid-liquid separator developed by Ruke Company according to the needs of the aquaculture industry is a continuous solid-liquid separator. It is suitable for continuous dewatering equipment of separating livestock and poultry manure wastewater, fruit juice pressing and screw pressing. If the company updates many times according to the customer's usage, it can be customized according to the customer's needs.
Working principle:
Vibrating solid-liquid separator is based on the principle of physical separation. It is designed to treat wastewater from farm manure by the combination of vibration system, feeding extrusion system and automatic flushing system. It is an effective method to treat the wastewater discharged from livestock and poultry farms for solid-liquid separation. The separated waste can be packaged and transported directly. The cost of subsequent treatment of separated liquids is reduced.
Main features:
The whole machine has the characteristics of compact combination, low energy consumption, stable operation, high braking degree and good solid-liquid separation. After using the separator, the removal rate of solid suspended matter in sewage can reach more than 90%, and the moisture content of the squeezed dregs is less than 60%, which will not cause secondary pollution. The dregs can be packaged and transported directly, and can be used as fertilizer or fish bait. It is suitable for use in harsh environments with high humidity and strong corrosiveness. It is feces. Solid-liquid separation equipment.
Dead Pig Crusher
RJG animal cutter, also known as uniaxial crusher, is a new type of environmental protection equipment developed by RUKE for breeding industry. It can tear the whole batch of animals into small pieces and then carry out pollution-free treatment. This machine is mainly suitable for aquaculture. This machine is often used to deliver materials: dead pigs, dead poultry, dead sheep, paper products, dregs, rubber products, ropes, hoses, leather products, etc.
Working principle:
RJG animal cutter adopts double-knife design, the moving blade and the static blade mesh with each other. Its moving blade and static blade have cutting function, so its crushing ability is stronger than other ordinary two-axis animal corpse crusher. Thus, the cutting efficiency is improved, and the animal corpse can be crushed to an ideal size.
This design avoids the filamentous object winding on the static blade. Once the static blade is winded, the seal will fail and the shaft will break. In order to improve the cutting efficiency, we have adopted a special design to assemble seals and bearings. The advantage of this structure is that the sealing and bearing can be replaced quickly without disassembling the whole equipment, and the structure of this structure is not identical with that of ordinary animal corpse crusher.
Compared with other common animal corpse crushers, RJG animal cutter has novel design. With the same size and pipeline structure, it has higher cost performance ratio.
Solar Fountain Aerator
Solar jet aerator is also called photovoltaic fountain pump and photovoltaic water-lifting aerator. It can float on the water surface and rise and fall with the water level. It is a kind of solar power generation that makes the water flow up spurting by the submersible motor. Through different types of sprinklers, it sprays various types of spray, so that the spray can form an oxygen-enriching effect in the air.
The solar fountain aerator is composed of photovoltaic panels, fountain system, intelligent control system, batteries (selection), landscape lights (selection) and so on.
Scope of application: landscape ponds, parks, inland rivers, etc. to improve water quality and beautify the environment;
(a) Increasing oxygen in fish ponds, raising dust higher, increasing oxygen effect better, increasing oxygen in fish ponds, preventing fish from floating to death, flooding dead fish ponds, providing conditions for high-density fish farming, thus achieving high yield and stability, and improving economic benefits;
B) Promoting water circulation, pleasing to the eye, good circulation effect. The aerator suspended in deep water inhales oxygen-poor water from the lower layer and sprays into the air from the sprinkler, dispersing into droplets of different sizes, increasing the abundance of dissolved oxygen.
C) Purify water quality, detonate waste gas, reduce fish diseases, promote the growth of fish and shrimp, and can mix water body, adjust the characteristics of upper and lower water temperature.
1. Circulation of upper and lower water, balance water temperature difference, enhance water flow, and enhance dissolved oxygen at the bottom of water.
2. Water circulation enhances microbial activity and reproductive capacity in sediment and accelerates decomposition of pollutants.
3. Decomposition of sulphide and nutrient sediments at the bottom of the pond to reduce water odor and prevent mosquitoes and algae from breeding.
4. Reoxygenation exchange with air in the process of fountain. The algae on the water surface were dispersed and formed.
According to the need, there are many styles to choose.
6 Floating Body
Micro-nano aerator
RWP micro-nano aerator is composed of nano-bubble machine, dissolved air system and release system. RWP micro-nano aerator mixes gas and water through nano-bubble machine and then inputs them into the dissolved gas tank to dissolve the gas in water, then releases the dissolved gas to form nano-bubbles through the gas releasing device, and then flows into the water at high speed. The water is mechanically ionized by the jet, which breaks the colloidal connection of the contaminated mass and breaks the contamination. At the same time, reactive oxygen species, oxygen ions, ionized hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are injected into the dye to decompose pollutants and purify the water. The dissolution rate of micro-nanobubbles in water exceeds 85%, and the dissolved oxygen concentration can reach above saturation concentration. Moreover, micro-nanobubbles remain in water for a long time in the form of bubbles, which can continuously supply active oxygen to the water with the consumption of dissolved oxygen, thus providing sufficient active oxygen and strong oxidation for microorganisms in sewage treatment. Sex ion groups and sufficient reactive oxygen species are ensured. After treatment with RWP series nano-aerator, the dissolved oxygen content in water is 4 ppm. The purifying ability of water itself is much higher than that of natural conditions.
It can be used in water remediation, sewage treatment, aquaculture, ships, drag reduction, black and odorous water, etc. The PH value of the medium is 6.5-8.0, and the medium temperature is less than 50 C.
Drum grille crusher
The drum grille crusher is a new type of sewage treatment equipment developed for the treatment of solid substances mixed in sewer. The utility model can intercept cloth, wood chips, empty bottles and cans mixed in the sewer from the grille and crush them in the crusher, while water flows through the grille to prevent the blockage of sewer water treatment equipment and ensure the normal operation of sewer water treatment equipment. This machine is mainly suitable for sewage treatment plants and transfer pumping stations. The machine can break the items: rags, glass, paper products, wood products, physiological supplies, empty cans, dregs, rubber products, ropes, hoses, leather products, plastic products, etc.

1. Crushing treatment in water can not only protect water treatment equipment, but also avoid odor leakage and protect the environment.
2. Crushing has overload protection function, safe operation and automatic control.
3. Back rake fishing method to avoid blockage of grille seam.
4. Simple installation and maintenance.
Single and double drum design, large flow.
6. Professional customized integral sealing system, which can be used in harsh sewage for a long time.
Multi-motor design can effectively prevent drum overload damage and improve system reliability.

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