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Country Japan
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Introduce Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. (NSC) is a leading Japanese consulting company specializing in water environment, with the largest market share in consultancy market for municipal water supply and sewerage in Japan. NSC has consultancy services including survey, study, plan, design, construction supervision, O&M, management, financial analysis and water quality analysis for the following area:
1) Water Supply, Sewerage, and Sanitation
2) Flood Control and Water Resource Management
3) Water Environment Management for River, Reservoir and Coastal Area
4) Solid Waste Management


Efficient management technology for pipeline
Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.(NSC) provides efficient management technology covering maintenance to rehabilitation for aging pipeline management.
Some cored technologies are as follow:
1. Provides efficient inspection technology for pipeline, including unique pipeline inspection technology based on water quality and water temperature (this technology has been patented in Japan), in-pipe intelligent inspection technology(this technology has been patented in Japan) etc. to quickly locate the part of pipeline that needs maintenance, aiming at reducing investigation costs and period.
2. Provides a pipeline asset management system, which establishes an efficient evaluation system to evaluate the network, determines the priority of rehabilitation, and to develop an efficient rehabilitation plan.
3. Provides advanced non-open cut technology for pipeline rehabilitation.
4. Provides technology capable of detecting signs of road subsidence caused by damaged pipeline, to investigate the development characteristics of cavities and loosening around pipelines due to abnormality in pipelines. (this technology has been patented in China)
5. Provides a flood warning system to respond to urban floods during heavy rain.

NSC also provides advanced technology in fields such as efficient management and upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant, and treatment of river water, etc.. We are searching for partners together with whom to develop water environmental field in China!

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