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Introduce Guangzhou Pengkai Environment Technology Corp. is a comprehensive equipment manufacturing group company (stock code 838926), awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise” and ISO9001 Quality Certification. Main products including the integrated waste water/river water/pure water treatment equipment, landfill leachate/heavy metal waste water treatment equipment, RO/UF/MBR/EDI etc. membrane treatment plant, seawater desalination system etc. We provide ONE-STOP service from technology design, manufacture, transportation and overseas installation & commissioning services etc. whole process!


Domestic Waste Water Integrated Treatment Equipment
"PK Tower" (PK Tower) is designed based on "Engineering manufactured, Equipment standardized", it is a new generation of integrated waste water treatment equipment with advantages of water quality stability, impact load capacity, small footprint, low operating costs, easy operation etc. "PK Tower” is our independent inventions, has the patent rights, is a kind of sewage biological treatment equipment which combines the traditional activated sludge method with the bio membrane method and introduces the hydraulic flow technology. It is a new type of sewage treatment process developed by the aerobic biological fluidized bed. The internal circulation reactor is more compact and has a smaller footprint due to the combination of the upflow and downflow zones.
Concentrated Water Reuse and Pure Water Treatment System
Bluemoon concentrated water reuse and pure water treatment system, the system is applied in Bluemoon factories in Guangzhou and Tianjin. The RO concentrated water and tap water are the sources to make the pure water. The main process is RO, and the utilization of water is more than 85%, and the processing capacities are 2400T/D and 1440T/D respectively. The system was put into production in October 2015, and the water quality has achieved the requirements of find chemical industry.
Heavy Metal Waste Water Treatment System
Heavy metal waste water treatment in Guangdong Zhongya Aluminum, the raw water is electroplating waste water contain Cr and Ni from production line, utilized the process of “high pressure rotation reactor + microfiltration + RO”, the treatment capacity is 1400T/D, the system is put into operation in December 2016, the effluent quality has fully reached “GB21900-2008 Discharge standards for electroplating waste water”.

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