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Country China
Booth C77
Introduce SCE-Wuhan Shock Energy Technology co. LTD, adhering to the belief of "searching up and down, overcoming difficulties and forging ahead", is committed to the innovation and development of advanced energy and environmental protection technology.

The main product of the company is the CCU, which provides a complete VOCs processing scheme for the industries of chemical industry, petroleum, sewage treatment, garbage landfill, biogas, etc., and the whole-system service mode of the process design, general equipment procurement, core equipment manufacturing and equipment installation and debugging.


Clean Combustion Unit (CCU)
The CCU is an ultra-low emission VOCs processing equipment, which utilizes surface combustion of porous media burners to effectively treat waste gas. The CCU has ultra-low emission, no visible smoke, no visible flame, low noise, fast start and other operating characteristics, and the equipment structure is very compact, which is the best solution in VOCs management field at present.

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