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Country China
Booth C61
Introduce With the mission of "Innovation" and "New Intelligence" as its mission, Papson bases itself on China and looks at the world. As a leading supplier of pumps, biogas equipment, EPC and system integration, pumps and trucks, solid-liquid separation and other equipment and technical services, Papson specializes in pumps, intelligent biogas equipment, pumps, solid-liquid separation, pump valve pipelines and other systems. Integration and other products and technologies.


Rotor pump
Papson rotor pump, also known as cam pump, is a very important role in the family of volumetric pumps. The pump has compact structure and small floor area. It is widely used in many industries. It is used to transport medium with high solid content, high wear and high viscosity. In addition, the rotor pump has a very high self-priming ability, positive and negative reversible transport characteristics, and the linear characteristics of the flow rate proportional to the speed, which has unique application advantages in many occasions. The material type of the rotor and the installation form of the pump are very diverse, which can meet almost any working conditions. Recommend reading the advantages of the rotor pump.
Papson Rotor Pump adopts wide-edge technology, which further improves the volume efficiency, wear resistance and flow stability of the Rotor Pump.

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