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Country China
Booth B21
Introduce Shenzhen Youdele Internet Technology Co., Ltd [Utility] is an innovative technology company registered in Shenzhen. It is a high-tech enterprise that develops online service platforms around energy conservation projects. In 2018, it joined the Hechao Health Incubator co., Ltd., founded by Huo Yingdong Mingyuan Development Co., Ltd. And China's old Hannientang Hall. It is the first emerging industrial incubator sub-project of the incubator, which revolves around people. The relationship between car life and environmental protection is committed to providing environmentally friendly, green, fast and professional diversified products and services, so as to improve the quality of life of car owners and promote people and social ecological environment. Cleanergy (Clean Energy Rubik's Cube) is a new environmentally friendly cool techs car cleaning product (a bottle of washing car products) launched by Yudell Technology.


Cleanergy (Jieneng Rubik's Cube) is a new type of environmentally friendly micro-water car washing product launched by Yudell Technology. Cleanergy (Clean Energy Rubik's Cube) is a breakthrough way of car washing, with core patented technology, using ultra-lightweight design, just a bag of powder, 500ml clean water, a number of towels can complete the whole car cleaning. The cleaning process is zero pollution, there is no sewage residue on the ground, the operation is simple and convenient, energy saving and environmental protection (referred to as a bottle of washing car).

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