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Country Korea
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Introduce LANDROAD Inc, is a venture company focused on producing environmental products that are converged with ICT technology.
The LANDROAD's main product, RoaDrain, is the world's first new concept non-point pollution contaminants filtering system that can be monitored in real time.
RoaDrain is a brand name that combines Road, Drain and Rain. This refers to a device that filters contaminants such as garbage and soil dust on a road surface
that is swept away by rainwater runoff.
RoaDrain is a new convergence technology applicable to the protection of water environment in smart city, and it is a new technology for
the 4th Industrial Revolution era, from the Korea Highway Corporation, the National Territory Administration, other industrial complexes, and design or
construction companies and architects of housing complexes.
It is receiving favorable reviews for its reduced construction cost about 50% and convenient maintenance performance.

LANDROAD is also a member of Smart City Convergence Alliance and is qualified as an enabler of Smart City.
It has five patents related to filtration devices such as RoaDrain-related solution systems and is seeking to establish export and local branch offices based on
KC certification, SRRC, NAL certification, PCT patents and two patents in China.
Economic technology to reduce maintenance burden with multi-sensor-nodes and communication equipment that operate with ultra-low power energy,
Resource savings and shared open technologies using cloud network-based Software as a Service and Open Sources,
Environmental protection technology that applies eco-friendly filter materials but filters pollutants such as fine dust with optimized pitching capacity and filtration efficiency,
Location-based energy conservation technology to predict the optimal path of cleaning and maintenance personnel,
LANDROAD Inc. is the company that leads environmental protection in the 21st century with technology that practices from small places.


路德来仁 环境信息管理系统
利用NB-IoT的环境信息管理系统。 利用多重传感器传达Sensing数据和泵启动等命令,可远程启动相关设备。

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