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Company Jiangsu Water Wizard Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd
Country China
Booth A61
Introduce Our company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and service of various filter materials. Business scope mainly includes environmental protection new materials, new materials technology, energy-saving technology promotion services; water pollution control; reverse osmosis equipment, separation equipment, sewage treatment equipment, environmental protection new materials, composite membrane materials research and development, production, sales and so on.


Polyurethane sponge filler for sewage treatment

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The filler body of the utility model is composed of polyurethane foaming sponge material, and is a hydrophilic material. Internal structure with dense micropore

The cubic block structure with large porosity increases the specific surface area of the filler. It is suitable for suspended packing used in sewage treatment ponds.

Especially polyurethane foam filler used in activated sludge aeration tank. The filler structure has large specific surface area and is hydrophilic.

Material, which is helpful to the transport and diffusion of bubbles, can effectively improve the effect of water treatment.
Polyurethane filler
Polyurethane filler is also called sponge filler. It is made of ordinary open-cell soft bubbles processed by netting.

The original mask or wall membrane between the foam network was removed by chemical treatment, and the main body skeleton mesh was obtained.

Structure. The void fraction is as high as 97%. It has excellent air permeability, good softness and high machinery.

Strength. All-round opening, good elasticity, strong pulling force, low airflow resistance, drug resistance and other chemical properties are good.

As a filter material, it has the advantages of low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency, environmental protection and economy.

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