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Company Guangdong ganda electric co., LTD
Country China
Booth G81
Introduce Guangdong ganda electric co., LTD is located in convenient transportation and flourishing of dongguan, with a registered capital of RMB: lu wan above zero, the specialty is engaged in the distribution of high and low pressure switch equipment design, development, production, research and development, sales, trading, installation in a body comprehensive enterprise, our company has obtained the quality, environmental management system, CQC China national mandatory product certification, and have the ability to full service, so our products are widely used in various fields.


The power distribution cabinet
GCK series switchgear is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, various power supply and distribution occasions, three-phase ac frequency 50Hz, rated voltage 380V to 600V, current to 3150A power system of primary distribution and asynchronous motor as the main control object of secondary distribution or control equipment. The main feature is that the unit can be combined flexibly according to the required circuit scheme of each unit, and in case of failure, the unit can be pulled out in a very short time and replaced with a spare unit to continue to use. The same unit can be exchanged on any cabinet. Comply with gb7251.1-2005 standard.

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