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Country China
Booth E62
Introduce Beijing Aviation Mechatronics Research Institute was established in 86 years. It is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise group composed of the research institutes of Aviation and Astronautics University and the new branch of Aviation and Mechatronics. The founder Wu Anming personally led the R&D team and set foot in the field of waste gas (VOCs) treatment. After years of R&D, he successfully developed and produced VOCs.Unique CO Catalytic Combustion Equipment RTO Regenerative Combustion Equipment RCO Regenerative Catalytic Combustion Equipment Dust Removal Equipment


CO Catalytic Combustion Furnace
CO catalytic combustion furnace is a device or equipment which combusts under the action of catalyst. The working principle of catalytic combustion equipment is to use catalysts to make organic waste gas smokeless combustion at lower ignition temperature, so as to decompose carbon dioxide and water vapor from organic waste gas.

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