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Company DeZhou NewScenery Environmental Technology Co.,LTD.
Country China
Booth G62
Introduce DeZhou NewScenery Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of R & D, production, sales, complete solutions as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company is located in Texas, Shandong Province. The company has reached an agreement with many colleges and universities, led by a number of doctors to achieve the industrialization of scientific research results, the company focuses on waste gas plate, has launched VOC catalyst, zeolites adsorption materials and other products, committed to becoming the most professional supplier of environmental protection waste gas materials.


Precious metal honeycomb ceramic catalyst
Xinjing catalyst is based on imported cordierite raw material, and then coated with bonding material and expansion specific surface area material. The coating uniformity of precious metal is accurately controlled by controllable coating technology in the production process. The noble metal catalyst is riveted on the high specific surface area support and combined with the oxygen supply support to form the wide-spectrum VOCs oxidation catalyst. The catalyst has the advantages of high stability, long life and high cost performance. It is suitable for CO and RCO catalytic combustion equipment.
Zeolites concentration wheel
the zeolite concentration rotating wheel is a honeycomb-shaped disc body made of inorganic fiber as a base material, the surface of the rotating wheel is coated with a hydrophobic zeolite as an adsorbent, the zeolite rotating wheel is used as the core material for treating the VOCs, the organic waste gas of the VOCs in the tail gas can be effectively adsorbed, and the purification efficiency of the waste gas can reach more than 98 percent, The operation stability is high, and the adsorption material is an inorganic silicate and has no potential safety hazard.

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